Mayor Calls San Jose Police Recruiting Trip to Hawaii ‘Not a Good Use’ of Taxpayer Dollars

SJPD’s staffing shortfall has made recruiting even more important. But a recent trip to Hawaii raises questions about how the budget is being spent.

Police Union Challenge Halts SJPD Body Camera Program

The San Jose Police Department received praise last week for 12 officers volunteering to wear body cameras as part of a pilot program. What several reports failed to mention, however, is that internal politics has temporarily derailed the program.

Fong’s Campaign Ads Put Cop, SJPD in Awkward Spot

Paul Fong may not be breaking any rules by letting a lobbyist hold a $100,000 debt over his head during his entire time in the State Assembly, but his latest campaign transgression could be seen as a violation of state law and local police policies.

SJPD Bought Controversial Cellphone Spying Technology

As Americans grow increasingly anxious about the scope of government spying, a recent report found that at least nine Bay Area public agencies—including the San Jose Police Department (SJPD)—use a controversial surveillance system that mines real time phone data.