How San Jose Went from Being the ‘Wild West of Weed’ to a Bastion for Legal Cannabis

While many neighboring suburbs still cling to cannabis prohibitions, San Jose has become the de facto weed capital of Silicon Valley.

Secretive New Community Group Spearheads Petition to Recall SJ Councilman Sergio Jimenez

Anti-homeless sentiment in south San Jose has led to a new organization and recall campaign to unseat Councilman Sergio Jimenez.

San Jose Residents to Weigh In on Mayor’s Proposed Budget

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo released his proposed 2017-18 budget earlier this spring. Now it’s time for residents to give their thoughts.

San Jose’s New Budget Proposal Accounts for Sales Tax Bump

A voter-approved tax hike will help San Jose hire more police officers, repair potholed streets and stopgap projected budget deficits.

Developer Offers $47 Million for San Jose’s Hayes Mansion

San Jose can finally free itself from a huge drain of taxpayer money: the historic Hayes Mansion. The City Council will vote on the deal Tuesday.

Environmental Innovation Center a Risky Project from Day One

The San Jose Environmental Innovation Center (EIC) has been in the news a lot recently, due to the fact that it is $1.6 million over budget and six months behind schedule. This project was always risky, as it utilized complicated tax credits that expose the general fund—the guarantor of the project—to future risk. So, being in the position to avoid future financial risk, why would I support yet another project such as the EIC, which could imperil our general fund? When this issue came to the council, I voted “no” several times, where was I often the only “no” vote. When there is a single dissenting vote, this automatically means that any substitute motion would die for a lack of a second. This is true in all cases.

Mayor Reed Says Thanks, But No Thanks to Hosting 2024 Olympics

The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) sent letters Tuesday to the nation’s largest 25 metro areas, inviting city officials to submit a bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. A day later, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed shot down any idea of San Jose hosting future Olympic games in an email city staff this week.

Sports Complex Presents Fiscal Curveball

Near the end of last year, the City Council approved the exploration of building a sports complex in one of two places: Singleton Landfill or the county fairgrounds. There are some serious costs and benefits to both proposed sites, but one has an edge based on past council decisions to subsidize recreational offerings.

Unexpected Support for the Plan to Sell Hayes Mansion

Last week, I got a mailer from the No on V campaign railing against the decisions of past city councils about spending on the Hayes Mansion.  I was elated! I felt validated in my support for selling the Hayes Mansion to stop the annual bleeding of millions of dollars. I wrote about selling the Hayes Mansion two years ago on the Council and on this blog.