Grace Mah

Santa Clara County Board of Education Set to Censure Joseph Di Salvo for Sexist Behavior

The Santa Clara County Board of Education is expected to censure board member Joseph Di Salvo Wednesday after investigators found he engaged in sexist behavior. Two county employees and two board members filed complaints against Di Salvo in January, saying he engaged in gender and racial harassment. An independent investigator, hired by Superintendent Mary Ann Dewan, found Di Salvo demeaned some women, but not that he racially harassed people.

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Charter, Public Schools Can Coexist

Two events I attended this week provide some optimism about traditional public and charter schools’ ability to coexist. Stories of eliminating inequality in public education are playing out in real time all over the valley. We should stand proud of how the region is rising up to form powerful coalitions to lobby elected officials and public leaders.

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School Suspensions a Civil Rights Issue?

School suspensions go beyond just quick-fix discipline to get an unruly student out of the way. Statistics show that suspensions can lead to to a number of dangerous paths in life. The Santa Clara County Board of Education will hear a report about suspensions at its meeting Wednesday night, as well as an ongoing fight involving Bullis Charter School.

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