Op-Ed: Google Bought Land in Downtown San Jose—Now What?

San Jose has arrived at a fork in the road: we can either tax tech to build homes and transit, or we can recommit to a broken status quo.

Santa Clara County Officials Spar Over Who Should Influence Billions of Dollars in Tax Appeals

What would’ve been a routine nomination erupted into a political brawl between county Assessor Larry Stone and Supervisor Dave Cortese.

Op-Ed: Will Loss of Net Neutrality Prevent Next Generation of Technological Innovation?

The repeal of net neutrality threatens to end the democratic internet, which aided in the creation of the technologies that we know and love.

Op-Ed: Google Advisory Group Must Reflect San Jose’s Diversity

San Jose Councilman Sergio Jimenez says the group advising the Google development must reflect a broad cross-section of the community.

San Jose Councilman Wants to Re-Cast Vote on Controversial Google Advisory Committee

San Jose Councilman Johnny Khamis wants to take back a vote to expand the scope of a hotly debated 30-plus-member advisory board.

2017 Year in Review: A Record-Setting Year We’d Like to Forget

And we thought 2016 was bad. The last 12 months have been record setting in all the wrong ways. Take a quick look back and then move on.