Five Remarkably Candid Tips From Departing Gov. Brown

Don’t hold regular press conferences. Reward loyalty. If you’re a Californian with presidential aspirations, move to New York.

Redevelopment 2.0: State Sens. Jim Beall, Mike McGuire Push New Affordable Housing Bill

The two policymakers say their proposal will take an aggressive approach to California’s unprecedented affordable housing crisis.

A Gentler, Still Controversial Housing Bill is Back—This Time with a Powerful New Ally

Sen. Scott Wiener sees SB 50 as a way to fix the state’s crushing housing shortage that’s driving up home prices in Silicon Valley.

Eric Bauman Resigns as Cal Democratic Party Chair Amid Sexual Misconduct Inquiry

California’s top Democratic Party official stepped down amid mounting political pressure over claims of sexual assault and harassment.

Why Does PG&E Get to Decide When to Turn Off the Power?

Will lawmakers de-energize PG&E’s power to shut off the juice when the Red Flag warnings start flying again next year?

Tony Thurmond Becomes California’s New Superintendent of Public Schools—Now What?

Bay Area Democratic Assemblyman Tony Thurmond declared victory Saturday as the state’s new superintendent of public instruction.

Jerry Brown Signed $1 Billion in Wildfire Prevention—and None of It Applies to This Year’s Fires

Many provisions of Senate Bill 901 have not yet taken effect, and even when they do, will impact the state gradually.

Election 2018: John Cox, Gavin Newsom Disagree About Almost Everything at Their Only Debate

The two men competing to be the next governor of California met for their first (and, alas, probably only) one-on-one stand-off.

Republican San Jose State Professor Takes on Long Odds in Bid for Lieutenant Governor

San Jose State economics professor and amateur powerlifter Lydia Ortega says she’ll fight for everyday people if elected to state office.

Q&A: Antonio Villaraigosa on Immigration, Healthcare and Collaborative Pension Reform

Antonio Villaraigosa says Jeff Sessions isn’t welcome in California if he’s going to mischaracterize the state’s immigration policy.