Susan Ellenberg Leads in Santa Clara County Supervisor Race

Garbage haulers, cemetery operators and public safety unions spent heavily to hit Susan Ellenberg with attack mailers, to little effect.

Op-Ed: California WaterFix Ensures Clean, Safe Water for Santa Clara County

Participating in the project means that this county will have a better chance of sustaining its imported water supply in future years.

Water District Staff Gets Testy, Defends RMC Deal that Will Cost $103 Million, Offer Little Benefit

The SCV Water District recently signed off on a $5 million deal for RMC Water and Environment, and arguments defending it have raised eyebrows.

Water District: CEO Can Do What He Wants, No Paper Trail Needed

The Golden Spigot has got some brass. That’s the only way to explain the explanations coming from the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

DA Confirms Investigation into Water District Deal with RMC

The District Attorney’s office confirmed Friday it has launched an investigation into conflicts of interest and allegations of fraudulent billing involving the Santa Clara Valley Water District and consultant RMC Water and Environment.

Water District Chair Calls for DA to Investigate Conflicts of Interest, Alleged Improper Billing

An investigation into the Santa Clara Valley Water District has identified conflicts of interest between the public agency and consultant RMC Water and Environment, as well as allegations of fraudulent billing.

Water District CEO Rushes Big-Dollar Consulting Contract, Fails to Disclose Conflicts of Interest

Santa Clara Valley Water District CEO Beau Goldie failed to disclose conflicts of interest regarding a $4 million consulting contract with RMC, the beneficiary of more than $18 million from the water district in the last decade.