2018: A Year in Review

In which we look back on all the strange, infuriating and preposterous things that went down in 2018 and say, “Sayonara!”

Silicon Valley Community Foundation Hires 2nd Law Firm to Investigate ‘Toxic’ Workplace

An investigation into sexual harassment at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation has expanded to address “a larger culture issue.”

Silicon Valley Honors Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with Day of Service, Celebration

People throughout the South Bay are honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in marches, church services, vigils and volunteer work.

Still Too Many School Districts in Santa Clara County

Three years since a study to look at school district consolidation in Santa Clara County, we have not been able to make any progress due to the controversial nature of the topic.

County’s Bold Steps on Education Follow FDR’s Lead Despite Lawsuits

I participated in last week’s 2014 State of the Valley conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center. One speaker referred to FDR’s concept of “bold, persistent experimentation.” It made me consider how we’ve been addressing our county’s education system, and a recent lawsuit that filed against the county Board of Education.

Silicon Valley Must Lead the Nation in Improving Public Education

How many more years will the country and Silicon Valley put up with broken promises made to our children, before it is too late for us to recover from the lack of political will? This year we commemorate the 30-year anniversary of a national report that provided a clarion call to improve our public education system.

Turf Wars Overshadow Education Priorities

With its vastly superior public education system, will Boston surpass Silicon Valley as the global leader of technological innovation? It’s a distinct possibility unless we get our act together. Boston is poised to win, considering the current fights focus on turf instead of better educational results for our children.

The Leaders, Innovators of Local Education

Much like the early partnership of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, which transformed the manner in which we use technology, three pairs of individuals are at the forefront of improving education for Silicon Valley’s students. These innovators and provocateurs work to challenge the status quo, and their goal is equitable, high quality education opportunities for all children.