Rhetoric vs. Reality: The Charter School Debate Continues

The inflammatory rhetoric, misguided leadership and pro corporate charter school stance of county education trustee Joseph Di Salvo and others has set the stage for the current battle being waged in local school districts.

Beauchman Leaves Big Shoes to Fill on County Education Board

Trustee Leon Beauchman will step down at the end of this month from his elected seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Education. I first learned of his decision during a call from him in February. It was a bittersweet moment.

Gov. Brown Should Set Tone for Making Education Top Priority

Last week I attended the Children’s Summit 2015 at Microsoft’s offices in Mountain View. In the packet for the workshop, I found a state budget analysis with the provocative headline, “Proposed State Budget Doesn’t Do Enough For Kids.” When will we ever learn? Before it’s too late, I hope.

Will Clinton Show Authentic Leadership on Education?

Can likely Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton show true authenticity on the campaign trail while also exhibiting a commitment to early childhood education?

The Importance of Healthy Food Options in Our Schools

Healthy meals equal healthy minds, and as the caretakers of young minds we have a duty to ensure that the nutritional needs of all students are being met right alongside their educational requirements.

Mayor Liccardo Brings San Jose Education Stakeholders Together

There has been a considerable amount of angst created by a controversial facilities plan in San Jose Unified School District. Unfortunately, it did not have to be this way.

California Schools Fail Students, Teachers with Nurse Shortage

Serious health issues can play out in schools every day, sometimes in life and death ways. Yet few schools in California have a credentialed school nurse at the ready to appropriately address the problem. The school nurse ratio is a troubling one for every 2,240 students.

Giving Thanks to Our Local Education Leaders

I am thankful that my current work—in my seventh decade of life—has given me a rich opportunity to work with amazing people. I am particularly thankful for the educators, policy makers and community leaders who work tirelessly to promote equity.