Commission Poised to Dismiss Complaints against Manh Nguyen

An independent evaluator has recommended dismissing complaints against Manh Nguyen, who’s running against Tim Orozco for San Jose’s District 4 council seat.

San Jose Council Candidate Tim Orozco Admits to 2 DUI Arrests

Last week Fly took a close look at the life of Manh Nguyen, a candidate for San Jose’s District 4 council seat. This week Fly turned its attention on Nguyen’s opponent in the upcoming election, Tim Orozco.

San Jose City Council Poised to Reject Land Conversion Proposal

A developer’s petition to rezone an industrial property for housing has elicited full-throated opposition from city officials worried about San Jose’s jobs-to-housing imbalance.

Orozco Wins District 4 Primary, Write-In Ballots Raise Questions

A special election took place in Santa Clara County last week and something unusual happened—it went smoothly. Well, maybe not that smooth for one candidate.