Mushroom Farm Accused of Dumping Toxins Into Creek

Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. faces $67-million lawsuit, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

Records Show 30 Claims of Sexual Misconduct Filed Against Santa Clara County DA Staffers

Fly unearthed a heavily redacted log of sexual misconduct claims against employees of the Santa Clara County DA’s Office.

Alleged Pimp Arrested in San Jose for Sex-Trafficking Young Woman He Found on Instagram

A 33-year-old Stockton man has been charged with sex-trafficking a young woman from San Jose to Salt Lake City.

Retired Cupertino Accountant Arrested on Suspicion of Stealing $800,000 in Taxpayer Funds

A retired accountant for the city of Cupertino was arrested on suspicion of embezzling close to $800,000 from taxpayers. 

Bitcoin Blackmailers Target Silicon Valley Residents with Secrets to Keep, Money to Burn

Some Silicon Valley residents have received a letter threatening to expose some secret unless they’re paid a small fortune in Bitcoin.

South Bay Police Struggle to Enforce Laws Against Stoned Driving in Wake of Legalization

Families who lost loved ones to drugged driving worry that the state’s inability to consistently enforce DUI laws will put other lives at risk.

Op-Ed: Campaign to Recall Judge Persky Resorts to Inflammatory Rhetoric, Misleading Tactics

As the June 5 election approaches and the inflammatory, incomplete information continues to proliferate, says public defender Sajid Khan.