Google Poised to Strike $111 Million Land Deal with San Jose

It will take years before the tech company realizes its vision for the city’s core. But a key vote this week lays the groundwork.

San Jose Unveils Land-Purchase Agreement for Google’s Planned Transit Village in Downtown

San Jose reached a milestone in its land negotiations with Google, releasing a purchase agreement that comes up for a vote next month.

Lawsuit Targets Secrecy Agreements Linked to Google’s Planned San Jose Campus

A new lawsuit filed against San Jose claims city officials signed illegal NDAs at Google’s behest to secure a $67 million land deal.

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With Advent of App-Based Scooters, Transportation Takes a Bizarre Turn in Silicon Valley

Some see the e-scooters as gentrifying techie-mobiles, but the on-demand devices could drastically improve transit in the South Bay.

Op-Ed: Why We Disrupted the Diridon Station Advisory Meeting

A group of residents concerned about displacement and gentrification have formed a coalition to disrupt the Google-San Jose negotiations.

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San Jose city officials will have to decide later this month whether to bolster protections for renters or weaken them to give landlords more power.