San Jose, Santa Clara Valley Water District Improve Flood Protections in Time for Winter

Since an historic flood in February, San Jose and the water district have spent the past nine months bolstering defenses against future disasters.

San Jose Is Lucky No One Died in Inexcusable Response to Floods

It wasn’t Katrina, but officials failed in every way when it came to notifying San Jose residents of flooding—and it could have been a lot worse.

Santa Clara County Announces Intent to Sue President Trump over ‘Sanctuary City’ Order

Santa Clara County plans to sue POTUS over his crackdown on so-called sanctuary jurisdictions that protect immigrants from deportation.

San Jose Hopes to Block Release of Incoming Police Chief’s Emails

San Jose has blocked the release of hundreds of emails sent and received by Eddie Garcia, who will become interim police chief in January. San Jose Inside has appealed this decision and will make arguments to release these messages at this week’s Rules and Open Government Committee meeting.

Inside SJPD: Police Chiefs Laugh at Crime, City Rules in Emails

Over the last year, San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel and his command staff have sent emails that suggest indifference for rules on accepting gifts while also routinely disparaging civilian oversight.

Officials Admit ‘Mistake’ in Using Decoy Cop Car Near The Rep

It’s a common practice to use old, gutted patrol cars as mechanical scarecrows, according to San Jose Police Department spokesman Officer Albert Morales. But police are pretty miffed that they weren’t notified about a plan to park a defunct cruiser near the San Jose Repertory Theater for about a week.

Anybody Else Get a Parking Ticket They Didn’t Deserve?

San Jose’s parking enforcement officers are a notorious bunch. The cash-strapped city, not too proud to strip the couch cushions as it scavenges for revenue, has an army of these ticket punchers at the ready, ruthlessly hunting down the tardy. But a recent Smart Meter malfunction had me questioning what kind of program they’re running over there.