Land Trust Buys 159 Acres of Open Space by South San Jose

The Peninsula Open Space Trust and the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority announced the purchase of a 159-acre property.

Election 2018: San Jose Voters to Decide Fate of Four Local Measures on November Ballot

Come Election Day, San Jose voters will vote on four citywide measures. Here’s a look at what local voters will see on their Nov. 6 ballots.

Op-Ed: Vote No on B, Yes on C To Protect the Environment

Remember: Measure B is for Billionaires, Measure C is for Community. Vote No on B and Yes on C when you vote in the June primary.

Despite Rain, California Still Headed Into Another Drought

California is still at risk of drought, despite the wet winter storms that pummeled San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area this past week.

Conservationists Launch Effort to Preserve Coyote Valley

A contingent of conservationists kicked off a campaign Nov. 2 to permanently preserve Coyote Valley from the threat of development.

High-Speed Rail Delay More than Triples Planned Cost to San Jose

San Jose has to amend its contract with the California High Speed Rail Authority to reflect delayed construction deadlines for the bullet train.

San Jose Prepares for War with Wealthy Developers on Evergreen Senior Housing Ballot Measure

Real estate billionaire Carl Berg and deep-pocketed developer Chop Keenan are squaring off with San Jose on a senior housing development.

County Considers Plan to Save Palo Alto Mobile Home Park

Palo Alto’s only remaining mobile home park faces closure, which would force out hundreds of mostly low-income residents. But Santa Clara County’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider putting up $8 million in seed money to help save the community.