South Bay Police Struggle to Enforce Laws Against Stoned Driving in Wake of Legalization

Families who lost loved ones to drugged driving worry that the state’s inability to consistently enforce DUI laws will put other lives at risk.

City Council Considers Greater Protections for Residents of San Jose’s Mobile Home Parks

To prevent potential displacement of hundreds of low-income residents, San Jose will consider ramping up protections for mobile home parks.

2015: A Year in Review

A year in review is rarely pretty, and 2015 was no exception. Here’s a brief list of the some of the biggest stories that made it a year to remember, and soon leave behind.

San Jose City Council Responds to Obama’s Immigration Order

The City Council on Tuesday will discuss the plan, which would create a new department to help people who qualify for relief under President Obama’s executive action that shields 5 million immigrants from deportation and provides a path to legalization.

Communications Hill Bombarded by Workouts, Drugs, Public Sex

Skaters, stoners, drinkers, shutterbugs, cyclists, Crossfitters, loiterers and horny teenagers—these are the people who are driving Communications Hill residents nuts.

San Jose City Council Considers Bay 101 Relocation

Unable to move to Milpitas without San Jose’s approval and with a lease set to expire in 2017, Bay 101 owners are trying to convince the city to approve development plans for a new facility.