San Francisco 49ers Reject Reports that Levi’s Stadium Was Poorly Built, Draws Poor Crowds

Fly reached out to the 49ers to see how bad things have gotten. But everything is apparently all sunny at Levi’s—and not just the sunbaked east side.

Jim Brown Gets Applause for Jewish Stereotype at SJSU Event

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San Jose State Creates Institute on Sports, Social Change

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Moneybrawl: How the Mayor of Santa Clara, San Francisco 49ers Went to War over Levi’s Stadium

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Santa Clara Police Union Talks Boycott over Comments by 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick

Santa Clara’s police union threatened to opt out of working San Francisco 49ers games because of Colin Kaepernick’s recent comments.

SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia: More Gun Control Laws Needed, Black Lives Matter a ‘Valid’ Movement

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