Op-Ed: Here’s How to Fight Corruption in Cupertino

To create a more responsive government, we need to ensure that the public—and not powerful moneyed interests—are financing our elections.

Lawsuit Accuses Cisco of Complicity in Oppression Abroad

Adherents of a spiritual movement called the Falun Gong accuse Cisco of aiding and abetting their systematic oppression in China.

A Voter’s Guide to California’s 17 Statewide Ballot Measures

Seventeen state initiatives have made their way onto the fall ballot, including some of the most complex laws ever put to a popular vote.

San Jose to Revise Campaign Laws Ahead of 2016 Elections

San Jose is expected to nix a voluntary spending cap and change several other local election laws to match state requirements.

Civil Rights Groups Slam San Jose over Drone Purchase

Civil rights groups castigated San Jose city leaders for approving a drone purchase without public debate over privacy concerns. They’re now asking the city to reform procedures for acquiring surveillance technology to make the process more transparent.