Beall, Nguyen, San Jose City Hall Take Big Wins in Primary Election

State Sen. Jim Beall and Assembly hopeful Madison Nguyen won big in their primary races, while San Jose saw two ballot measure victories.

Ex-SJ Mayor Chuck Reed to Join Forces with Pot Clubs on 4/20

Chuck Reed spent half his tenure as mayor of San Jose battling pot clubs. Now he’s joining forces with collectives for 4/20.

San Jose Council Reconsiders Controversial Nightclub Proposal

A proposal to bring a two-story nightclub to downtown San Jose comes back for consideration at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

2015: A Year in Review

A year in review is rarely pretty, and 2015 was no exception. Here’s a brief list of the some of the biggest stories that made it a year to remember, and soon leave behind.

Mobile Home Park Moratorium Goes to San Jose City Council

After months of debate, San Jose leaders will decide whether to approve a temporary ban mobile home park conversions.

San Jose Taxi Company Beefs Up on Lobbyists to Fight Uber, Lyft

In a strategic advance earlier this year, Yellow Checker Cab owner Larry Silva made a calculated decision to hire many of the city’s most well-known lobbyists/consultants before Uber or Lyft made a move.