San Jose Debates Whether to Submit Rebuttal Arguments to Evergreen Housing Measure

San Jose’s City Council will vote this week on whether to include rebuttal arguments on the ballot for the Evergreen homes initiative.

San Jose Mayor Plays Favorites between Billionaire Developers

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo has blasted a proposal for a senior home development in the Evergreen foothills, calling it a gated community for the affluent. This came after the mayor failed to convince billionaire Carl Berg to sell the property to a Chinese investor.

San Jose Prepares for War with Wealthy Developers on Evergreen Senior Housing Ballot Measure

Real estate billionaire Carl Berg and deep-pocketed developer Chop Keenan are squaring off with San Jose on a senior housing development.

August Observations: Jazz Fest, Developers and the Life Expectancy of the Gold Club

News slows down in the summertime, so San Jose Inside columnist Rich Robinson takes note of some of the bigger and more under the radar stories of August.

Bay Area Developers at Odds with City Hall over Lucrative Land Deal

Big-time Bay Area developers Tom Armstrong and Chop Keenan have joined forces with former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery to push the city to change its zoning classification of a piece of property on South King Road. The land is currently home to Asian/Indian radio station KLOK 1170 and a sprawling field that would be better off as a massive lot of single-family detached homes, according to the power brokers. But in an effort to create jobs, the city’s general plan forbids the conversion of light industrial property to residential, and current Mayor Chuck Reed and city planning director Joseph Horwedel are trying to quash the proposal. That might not make a difference, though, as some men can’t be denied.