Pam Foley Headed for Victory in San Jose’s District 9 Race

In the race for San Jose’s only open council seat, D9, real estate broker Pam Foley pulled ahead of Kalen Gallagher by 945 votes.

Campbell School Board Candidate Invites Outrage for Controversial Views on Guns, Welfare, Islam

Robert Varich has drawn criticism from fellow candidates for his controversial views on, among other things, arming teachers with guns.

Election 2018: Two Schools Trustees Jockey for San Jose’s District 9 City Council Seat

The race to replace termed out San Jose Councilman Don Rocha in District 9 has narrowed down to two very different choices for voters.

San Jose Council Candidate Pam Foley Condemns SVO’s Attacks on D9 Opponent Kalen Gallagher

A San Jose council candidate has denounced a political action committee’s attacks on her opponent as “horrible” and “ridiculous.”

Op-Ed: Don Rocha Deserves Your Vote for County Supervisor

An activist and housing rights advocate urges voters to elect Don Rocha as Santa Clara County supervisor.

Campbell Schools Trustee Matthew Dean Vows to Make Amends for Offensive Remarks

A South Bay schools trustee who came under fire for glibly denying the realities of discrimination said he’d rather redeem himself than resign.

Campbell Schools Trustee Matthew Dean Apologizes for Inflammatory Remarks

Matthew Dean apologized in an uncharacteristically tame email, but only after doubling down on his inflammatory hot-takes in a phone call.

June Primary 2018: Meet the Candidates Running for San Jose’s Only Open Council Seat

A crowded field of six candidates has emerged in the June primary race for San Jose’s District 9 council seat.

Communitas Mess a Lack of Collaboration

Competition between schools, whether charter or traditional public, should never use students as pawns. Unfortunately, eight students who attended Communitas Charter High School last year have greatly suffered by the continuing “war” between competing public entities.