Demotion Over Hateful Texts Moves to Center Stage in Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Race

A powerful union leader violated agency policies by failing to report hate speech—and the former undersheriff leapt to his defense.

Primary 2018: Sheriff Laurie Smith Faces Formidable Challenge in Bid for 6th Term

Hunger strikes, an in-custody death and the new politics of criminal justice define the race for Santa Clara County sheriff.

Santa Clara County to Equip Sheriff’s Deputies, Correctional Officers with Body Cameras

Prompted by outrage over violent incidents involving officers, the county adopted a plan to equip sheriff’s deputies and jailers with body cameras.

San Jose Mayor Commits to Expanding Police Oversight

San Jose’s mayor and two council members told the public that they will seek greater civilian oversight of local law enforcement

SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia: More Gun Control Laws Needed, Black Lives Matter a ‘Valid’ Movement

In an exclusive interview, SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia speaks out on gun control laws, Black Lives Matter and how to create a safer society.

Op-Ed: POA Misses Mark with Black Lives Matter Critique

Oscar Grant’s uncle says that before San Jose’s police union makes demands of Black Lives Matter, it should hold its own officers accountable.

Stanford Expert: Strict Gun Laws Make Police, Communities Safer

Polling done after two mass shootings shows that the American public and police have drastically different views on gun control. Why is that?

Blue Lives Matter, Police Union Miss Key Moment for Change by Attacking Black Lives Matter

San Jose’s police union suggests that Black Lives Matter is an illegitimate cause. But a close look at the statement shows that police miss the point.