State Leaders Past, Present Honor John Vasconcellos

California’s political elite, including Gov. Jerry Brown, turned out in mass Wednesday at the State Capitol to honor the late former State Sen. John Vasconcellos. “John always believed people were born good,” Brown said. “I have a darker view.”

A Few Election Day Observations

Tuesday’s primary election told us a number of things: Ro Khanna has more than an uphill fight against Mike Honda, spoilers altered the San Jose mayor’s race and libertarians in Silicon Valley have disappeared.

California Reform Summit at SJSU

The campaign to hold a statewide constitutional convention fizzled out last February. That’s when Repair California, the bi-partisan organization behind the bid, ran out of funds and announced their efforts would have to be put on hold.

This Saturday, statewide leaders from both sides of the aisle will be coming together at San Jose State University to discuss fixing California’s broken government. Titled “Reviving California Community Summit,” the public event will focus on re-building momentum for comprehensive reform.