‘Stop BEZOS’ Bill Takes Aim at Companies Paying Low Wages

Silicon Valley Congressman Ro Khanna wants to tax large companies equal to the value of public benefits their workers receive

Silicon Valley Democrats Charter New Club for Bernie Boosters

South Bay Dems say they won’t let infighting distract them from advancing their platform both nationally and here at home.

Santa Clara County Has Record Turnout for 2016 Presidential Election: Registrar of Voters

Last year’s presidential election set a record for the most ballots cast in Santa Clara County history, according to a new report.

California Democrats Still Split on Bernie, New State Party Chair

With its raucous election for party chair, the Golden State’s donkey party made for all sorts of colorful headlines this past weekend.

Local Primary Election Turnout Beat State, National Average

Santa Clara County’s voter turnout in June’s primary surpassed both the state and national average, according to a new report.

Op-Ed: TPP Deal Would Endanger California Jobs, Wages

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact is designed to benefit corporate elites at the expense of working families, critics say.

Why Silicon Valley Conservatives Have Fallen for Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s message resonates with a surprisingly diverse set of Bay Area residents, many of whom feel cheated out of the region’s prosperity.