Valley Water District Loses Yet Another High-Ranking Executive

The Golden Spigot has lost yet another high-ranking executive—Chief Administrative Officer Susan Stanton—barely 10 months after her hire.

Water District Considers Hiring Exec Who Spurred National Conversation on Trans Issues

The Santa Clara Valley Water District is poised to hire an administrator with a claim to fame as a champion of transgender acceptance.

2016 Year in Review: A Look at the Lamest 12 Months Ever

Maybe we can start this over again? Or return it like a holiday present we didn’t need? Yes, 2016 was the gift that kept on giving.

Water District Staff Gets Testy, Defends RMC Deal that Will Cost $103 Million, Offer Little Benefit

The SCV Water District recently signed off on a $5 million deal for RMC Water and Environment, and arguments defending it have raised eyebrows.

Despite Water District Board’s Calls for Audit, RMC to Receive $5.2 Million Contract Extension

A multi-million dollar decision affecting Silicon Valley’s flood protection will almost assuredly go overlooked Tuesday night.

Former Water District CEO Beau Goldie Using Staff to Organize His Golf Course Retirement Party

Former water district CEO Beau Goldie still has staff running his errands in advance of his swank retirement party at a local golf club.