Op-Ed: Here’s How to Fight Corruption in Cupertino

To create a more responsive government, we need to ensure that the public—and not powerful moneyed interests—are financing our elections.

6 Contenders Vie for 3 Seats on Santa Clara Co. School Board

Six people are running for three seats on the Santa Clara County Board of Education, including two incumbents and some controversial challengers.

A Tale of Two Cities: Santa Clara and Cupertino

The city of Santa Clara’s success is largely due to its political leadership. Elected leaders in Cupertino, on the other hand, have been an embarrassment, and none of those incumbents should be allowed to return to office.

Cupertino Councilman Barry Chang May Have Run Afoul of the Brown Act

Barry Chang saying something inappropriate in public is hardly earth-shattering news, but this time the Cupertino councilman and state Assembly candidate may have actually broken the law by bringing up a closed-session discussion out in the open.

Meet the Gloriously Awkward State Assembly Candidate Michael Hunsweck

Michael Hunsweck won’t apologize for his politics, which is great, because the neoconservative could be a YouTube celebrity if he keeps it up. A candidate in next year’s race for State Assembly District 28—which includes west San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos and Monte Sereno—Hunsweck will face off with Campbell Mayor Evan Low and Cupertino Councilman Barry Chang. It’s unclear if the field to replace Assemblyman Paul Fong will grow more crowded—Ken Yeager, president of the county Board of Supervisors, already pulled out of the race earlier this year—but one thing is certain: Hunsweck has a deliciously awkward style all his own.

Erratic Behavior by Local Elected Officials a Mental Health Issue?

A number of local elected officials have recently shown signs of unstable and unacceptable behavior in public life. All of these extreme actions indicate people dealing with mental-health related issues. That does not mean they are all mentally ill. Then again, the absence of a diagnosis is not the same as being “not sick.”

The Big Payback

Money talks during election season, and it seems the closer a person is to San Jose’s City Hall, the louder their voice. That could be why San Jose Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio and planning commissioner Edesa Bitbadal raised the most money in the first two and a half months of the year with more than $121K and $86K in campaign contributions, respectively. Councilmember Rose Herrera didn’t do too shabby either, hauling in almost $49K. But Kansen Chu just topped Herrera’s total and, according to his campaign disclosure forms, the money he spent suggests he might be currying votes and/or future favors with cash.

King Bows Out of Supervisors Race

The race for Liz Kniss’ soon-to-be vacant seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors just lost Kathleen King, a candidate many considered to be Joe Simitian’s main challenger after Margaret Abe-Koga bowed out in early January. In a letter to supporters Tuesday, King, a former mayor of Saratoga, cited personal issues as the reason for bowing out.