Schools Trustee Admonished for Undermining Board Colleagues

Santa Clara County Board of Education trustee Joseph DiSalvo came under fire for what some viewed as an effort to subvert his colleagues.

Charter School Director Threatens to Sue Santa Clara County Education Trustee

A Morgan Hill charter school principal threatened to take legal action against a county education trustee who asked some tough questions.

Santa Clara County Board of Education Trustee Has Wife Apologize for His Angry Outburst

Santa Clara County Board of Education trustee who offended colleagues with an angry outburst, sent his wife to apologize on his behalf.

Board of Ed Allows Schools Chief to Avoid Answers on Shady Deal

County schools chief Jon Gundry would prefer we not talk about the quarter-million dollar contract he set up with a mystery company, which, for all intents and purposes, exists to funnel taxpayer money.

Stop Living in the Past; Charter Schools Are Here to Stay

Remember when broadcast television was the only game in town? Rooftop antennas and three major networks. If you prefer that over the entertainment options today, you’re living in the past—similar to those who continue to resist innovation in our public schools.

County School Trustee Anna Song Arrested for Spousal Abuse

Santa Clara County Board of Education trustee Anna Song was arrested last week on suspicion of spousal abuse. Song’s husband, Chris Stampolis, serves on the Santa Clara Unified School Board.

Mayoral Candidates Express Interest in Leading on Education

In front of more than 150 people Saturday at the Mexican Heritage Plaza, San Jose mayoral candidates gave their thoughts on why the next mayor has an integral role to play in leading public education efforts.

Conflict Creates Better Education Results?

The fierce battle for our nation’s schoolchildren is entering a new stage of conflict, and the National School Board Association (NSBA) is reforming itself to take up the fight. Diane Ravitich, a nationally renowned author and keynote speaker at the NSBA’s recent conference in San Diego, delivered a blistering attack against federal education policies and “entrepreneurs” that hurt public education.

Board of Education Looks at Trustee Appointment Process, Again

The Santa Clara County Board of Education is moving quickly to find a replacement for the seat lost by the resignation of Area 6 Trustee Darcie Green, who stepped down last month after the District Attorney’s offie called into question the legality of her appointment. The school board on Wednesday will consider a timeline and form an ad hoc oversight committee to fill the vacancy. Other items on the Board agenda include efforts to prevent teen suicide and a master plan for the coming influx of charter schools.

Tamien Rocketship Charter School Site May Contain High Levels of Toxins

An old industrial lot northeast of the Tamien Caltrain station, slated to house a two-story elementary charter school, contains toxic levels of herbicides, oils and arsenic, according to an environmental report from the city of San Jose. The Santa Clara County Board of Education at its Wednesday meeting plans to discuss a zoning exemption for the new Rocketship charter school. The county board will also discuss in closed session the potential special election over Trustee Darcie Green’s seat.