San Jose Considers Forming New Division of Marijuana Control

Two years after enacting citywide cannabis regulations, San Jose may create a Division of Marijuana Control to take over enforcement.

San Jose’s Top Marijuana Official Denies Threatening Collectives

San Jose’s top marijuana official has been accused of threatening collectives at a meeting earlier this month. The city disputes the claim.

Activists Revive Effort to Overturn San Jose’s Pot Laws

A political action committee has revived an effort to replace San Jose’s pot ordinance with one approved by voters.

How the State’s New Medical Marijuana Laws Affect San Jose

A sweeping package of bills signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will transform California’s billion-dollar medical marijuana sector.

Dysfunction at City Hall: How the City Manager Office Broke Down

San Jose Inside has learned that allegations of inappropriate relationships, threats of violence and overzealous internal investigations have split the city manager’s office into factions. On Friday, the office’s third top-level executive will resign—but not before parting with a $100,000 severance package.

City Considers Creating Security Camera Registry

City leaders will consider moving forward with a plan to create a security camera registry that would allow police to tap into surveillance footage from private citizens.

San Jose Pot Clubs Continue Fight as Judgment Day Nears

New rules for medical marijuana collectives in San Jose go into effect July 18, but the fight between cannabis advocates and City Hall continues.

Supreme Court Ruling Spurs San Jose Pot Club Ordinance

Enforcement may soon get a lot stricter for San Jose cannabis retailers. Emboldened by the California Supreme Court’s recent ruling on City of Riverside v. Inland Empire Patients Health and Wellness Center, that reinforced municipal rights to ban medical marijuana collectives, city officials are looking at ways to crack down on local storefronts and delivery services.