Op-Ed: Will Loss of Net Neutrality Prevent Next Generation of Technological Innovation?

The repeal of net neutrality threatens to end the democratic internet, which aided in the creation of the technologies that we know and love.

Ex-S.F. Supervisor Named Deputy Santa Clara County Executive

Former San Francisco Supervisor David Campos has accepted a high-ranking job in Santa Clara County government.

Pokémon Go Takes Over Silicon Valley, But Sparks Controversy

Pokémon Go takes the South Bay and the world by storm, but raises concerns about privacy, safety and the social inequities of the real world.

SJPD Expected to Receive $1.6 Million in State Technology Grant

Thanks to a $1.6 million state law enforcement grant, the San Jose Police Department will be able to upgrade aging equipment.

Rentseekers and The Free Market: Part II

I watched a piece on CNN the other day that really tied the room together, in terms of the battle over America’s energy future. Recently in this space, I’ve ranted about rentseekers—established industries backed by favorable regulations that stifle innovation and thrive by maintaining the status quo. This story rides a thru-line from social innovators, like Uber and Airbnb, to the heart of the solar energy revolution, and it exposes a dilemma at the core of our economy: The free market doesn’t really exist.