Op-Ed: A Modern Psychiatric Hospital Could Help Some of Silicon Valley’s Homeless

Would a modern state hospital be a means to address the root problem of homelessness in Santa Clara County and beyond? 

Op-Ed: Revisiting Silicon Valley’s Best, Worst Political Decisions

A recent column in the Mercury News listed the best and worst local decisions in the last 50 years. Here’s a few more to add to the pile.

Op-Ed: Disability, Profit and the Rise of ‘Handicapitalism’

Disability rights activist Robert Fettgather examines the history of Agnews Developmental Center and the troubling intersection of disability and profit.

Creative Partnerships Improve San Jose’s Parks and Trails

City and county governments must operate with less money, while citizens still expect the same level of services. Two recent partnerships show great work can still be done in this new paradigm.

Remembering Janet Gray Hayes, San Jose’s First Female Mayor

Janet Gray Hayes, San Jose’s first female mayor and the first woman to lead a major US city, died Monday in the Saratoga home she shared with her daughter.

City Poised to Buy Agnews Site

The city is making headway on a development that will flip the site of a defunct mental institution into a mix of public schools, trails and sports facilities.

Residents Not Lovin’ Proposed McDonald’s

McDonald’s wants to build one of its fine dining drive-throughs across the street from a middle school, but San Jose residents who spoke up at a recent public hearing aren’t lovin’ it. A public hearing will be held over the fast-food joint at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Other items on the agenda include the proposal to turn Agnews Development Center into a high school and the San Jose Water Company’s $2 million bid for pipe repairs.

Old Asylum Could be Converted into New High School

Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski (D-Fremont) wants to turn an old insane asylum into a north San Jose high school serving up to 2,800 students. Other items going before the Rules and Open Government Committee on Wednesday include an update on banning pesky sidewalk bicyclers and support for state legislation that would free the city to spend housing revenue how it chooses.