WET Nightclub Sues City

WET may have had its entertainment permit pulled, but the club will open for some October events and is still making news. The owners of the nightclub have sued the City of San Jose, claiming that the SJPD’s decision to pull the plug and revoke its license violates its constitutional rights. Police claim that the club was a public nuisance: over the course of five months, SJPD reports, its owners were given 49 chances to rectify problems ranging from serving alcohol to minors to a stabbing on the dance floor.

The claim was rejected by the city’s attorney, Rick Doyle, who says the police acted because the club posed a risk to public safety. He says he respects the club’s owners’ right to repeal the decision, but that their contention that the closure order lacked “constitutionally required procedural safeguards” is trumped by the city’s need to counter such a risk. “They’ve had two opportunities where we worked with them to try to get them to clean up their act and they didn’t comply,” said Doyle.

The club was originally closed by the police for 30 days to give time to the owners to review and fix security arrangements. After considering the string of events in the club over the past several months, the SJPD decided to revoke its entertainment license.
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  1. Fly,

    Remember your articles about the police overreacting. “Repeat, nothing happened”. Well, it seems something happened. Stabbings, fights, serving minors, and filling bottles with cheap liqour. I guess the police were right from the beginning.

  2. Interesting that its okay for the convention center to have a shooting murder related to a hip hop event that brought 1,000s of lowlife to downtown but a club can’t have a hip hop clientele and remain open.

    Guess the city is protecting thier turf.  Hip Hop USA

    • I don’t like this club. I don’t like the way they treat their patrons. They rip them off. Not a fair deal.

      After standing in line for 90 minutes they raised their cover price by 50% compared to all those who got it 10 minutes before me and earlier. This is recently as October 2009.

      And if I disocover behavior by patrons such as stabbings and gunshots around this business then I don’t care to see such businesses continue.

      I saw security telling those in line they can get in immediately if they pay double the covercharge.

      Do you think WET pays their fair share of taxes to the city with these changing prices?

      I hate that fucking WET nightclub and I would try to shut it down even if there were no more stabbings or violence. They are a business that doesn’t help the city.

      I plan to live in this city for years longer than WET can ever expect to remain a viable business and I prefer more competitive and respectable entertainment on First street downtown.

      It’s amazing how children turn out to behave like that of their parents. It’s the exposure that teaches them.

      People treat others badly in and around the WET business probably because WET does that to their own patrons.

  3. I really don’t understand the intricacies of lawsuits, other than I’ve heard they can cost the taxpayers money. If this is true, then I hope that if the suit goes forward and WET loses, that they have to pay not only their costs, but ALL City of SJ costs related to the suit so that we taxpayers don’t have to pay one dime.


  4. To Mr. Hamod, owner of of Club Wet. You are a total schmuck if you think you have some constitutional right to keep your club open, as your lawsuit asserts. You and your employees have repeatedly and flagrantly broken the law with no care for your neighbors or the citizens of San Jose. Good riddance. You absolutely deserve to be put out of business.

    • Yes, serious issues fights etc have continued to happen at Mosaic.  But its a hotel, so they don’t have to have an entertainment permit or any of the other rules the clubs have. 

      Just like the convention center, which has hip hop concerts end in murder.

      Double Standard?

  5. let’s be real here,

    #1 It is “their” – possessive.

    #2 club wet was a joke – 50% watered down alcohol, over priced, the security was high usually.