Rep. Jackie Speier Announces She Won’t Seek Re-election in 2022

U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-San Francisco/San Mateo, announced today she will not seek re-election in 2022 after seven terms in Congress.

In a video shared on social media, Speier recalled being shot five times at the Jonestown massacre in Guyana in 1978 while working as a staffer for U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan. Ryan was fatally shot on the trip to investigate Jim Jones and the People's Temple, a cult that had previously been based in his Peninsula congressional district.

Speier said her career in public office, which has taken her from the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors to the state Legislature to being elected to the seat in Congress in 2008, has been “a remarkable journey that has surpassed my wildest dreams.”

Speier has been active in legislation for women's rights in Congress, including helping to craft a law that went into effect in 2019 that mandates anti-harassment training in congressional offices and that members of Congress must cover the costs for their harassing behavior rather than taxpayers.

She also serves on the House Armed Services Committee and House Intelligence Committee, overseeing changes to military affairs, including passing amendments to address sexual violence and misconduct among the troops.

Speier said in announcing that she will not seek re-election that it was “time to be more than a weekend wife, mother and friend.” Speier is married to Barry Dennis. The couple has two children, Jackson and Stephanie.




  1. You’d a thunk Ms. Speier would have learned the evils of Communism in Jonestown, but I guess even 5 bullets couldn’t do even that. Problem is, whomever replaces her will just limit more of your freedoms and limit more of your kids opportunities under the guise of wokology, but will just make the rich richer.

    Sad legacy.

    I guess it has to get much much worse before it gets better.

  2. There are some other Dems like Leahy retiring or not running for re-election and that is a reminder what I have said before, watch for the “lifers” to begin to leave Congress in increasing numbers once the end of the party is approaching, which includes finding ways to deal with the budget crunch from growing entitlements.

    Now we have had inflation set up for us starting in 2009 with more of it being stoked with more big spending now (and much more sought in addition to what has just been approved), and while inflation has had defenders and even proponents on the Left, now that it’s starting to hurt, it’s a different story, isn’t it?

  3. Good Riddance… They see the writing on the wall… Most voters see through the year-long of Gaslighting from the disaster that is the Bumbling Biden and MIA Cackling Harris admin.
    The House and Senate are in for a change…

    Low and middle-class earners will be in for a bigger surprise than just high Gas & Food Prices…

    “U.S. Dept of Energy is warning Americans that they will pay “Significantly” More to heat their homes this winter, which is expected to be colder than usual in some parts of the U.S.”

    “Home heating costs are surging amid the sharpest jump in inflation in 30 years, …consumer prices jumped 6.2% from a year ago.
    That includes the price of gasoline ..— which have skyrocketed more than 50% on average over the last 12 months.
    In CA, for instance, prices at the pump have topped an eye-popping $5 per gallon at gas stations near San Francisco. ”

    ———- Among Biden 2020 voters, 43% want a do-over ————
    “Among Biden 2020 voters, 43% want a do-over so they can vote for Trump.
    While upwards of 10% of all registered Democrats REGRET voting for Biden,
    Black Americans suffer buyer’s remorse at a rate of 14%.
    In head-to-head surveys, Trump would handily win re-election if people cast ballots today.”

  4. Insider Trading and Congress: How Lawmakers get Rich from the stock market (CNBC, Oct 2020)

    It’s easy to understand how our representatives and senators obtain valuable financial information. Congress makes decisions about economic policy, foreign relations, tax reform, healthcare, drug policy and other matters that directly affect the bottom lines of publicly traded companies.

    Until the 2008 financial crisis, lawmakers were under few restrictions, and the public wasn’t able to find out much about lawmakers’ investments.

    In 2012, the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act was passed to clean up Washington. But the rules are not clear and have not prevented insider trading in Congress.

    ———————– Case: Nancy Pelosi ——————
    For example one of the most egregious members: Nancy Pelosi (a mentor for Speier??)
    Nancy Pelosi has been in congress for over 30 yrs and the salary for a member of congress is $174,000 per year.
    Nancy receives $193,400 as Speaker of the House.
    Yet, she has amassed millions upon millions every year.
    Her net worth with her husband Paul in 2009 went to an astonishing $58,436,537.
    In 2014, that value rose to $101,273,023.
    Today, it is over $350 million….
    … with a Napa Valley mansion worth $25 million,
    commercial property in San Francisco worth $50 million,
    seven properties worth $16.5 million,
    a $5 million vineyard and
    annual stock investments that beat Warren Buffett and all the top fund managers.

    How did Queen Nancy accumulate so much wealth?
    She ‘TIMED’ the Market Perfectly.
    In January, Pelosi made millions of stock market purchases in Tesla and other companies just before Biden announced the electric car incentives.

    In March, millions more for the Pelosis were made with purchases of Microsoft just before the tech giant got a $22 billion contract with the military.

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