Vice Mayor Answers Reader Questions

This week, San Jose Vice Mayor Madison Nguyen answered 10 questions selected by SJI staff out of dozens submitted by San Jose Inside commenters. The topics range from the Little Saigon controversy and Nguyen’s relationship with public safety unions to the city’s legal basis for the pension reform ballot measure.—Editor

1. The Metro did a great expose on the Little Saigon issue, pointing to financial support your campaigns had received from Lap Tang, who developed Vietnam Town on Story Road, as a possible reason you pushed so hard to have the name of the business district include “Vietnam,” and in essence help market his development. As evidence of this, they cited emails you sent to Redevelopment Agency officials questioning whether or not the naming required City Council approval since Lap Tang had offered to fund all associated signage.

In the same article, the Metro alluded to the fact that the shopping center “Little Saigon” on Story Road is owned by the family of Linda Nguyen, your opponent in your first city council election, and pointed this out as a possible reason why you so vehemently resisted naming the business district “Little Saigon.”

Can you respond to these two facts and explain how either motivated your resistance to naming the district “Little Saigon”?
- Joe Johns

I ran a total of six campaigns in the last six years and Mr. Lap Tang did not make a single contribution to any of my six campaigns. When the issue of designating part of Story Road as a Vietnamese business district came up, my office did extensive outreach to the businesses located on Story Road and Mr. Tang responded that he would like to assist with the project by helping to pay for the banners and monuments. I told him that city staff needed to ask the city attorney if that was acceptable. It turned out that it was not acceptable because funding for the project could only come from the Redevelopment Agency. In my memorandum to the City Council, I also requested that funding for this project come from the Redevelopment Agency.

I did not support the name “Little Saigon” because I believed that “Saigon Business District” was a good compromise since many Vietnamese organizations and several Latino business organizations supported the name “New Saigon.” My office received a letter with 13 signatures from leaders representing 13 Vietnamese organizations supporting the name “New Saigon.” I did not want to choose between Little Saigon and New Saigon out of respect for the input coming from various segments of the community so I proposed “Saigon Business District” as a compromise.

2. Why haven’t you apologized to San Jose police officer Chad Marshall for demonizing and labeling him as a murderer when he justifiably shot and killed a Vietnamese women with what was reasonably believed to be a weapon according to the grand jury? You led the charge to have him arrested for murder. So why no apology?
- Bugsy

The incident concerning Bich Cau Tran was unfortunate and caused both an emotional and political stir in the San Jose community. I don’t recall ever labeling or calling officer Chad Marshall a murderer in this incident. I have the utmost respect for the work and service that our police department does for our community. Public safety continues to be one of my top priorities. As a matter of fact, I served as the Chair of the Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee for four years where my committee had the opportunity to hear issues relating to the police department and provide input on various policy decisions that affect their operations.

3. The San Jose Airport has cost taxpayers billions of dollars and is protected within a City fund separate from that which provides “essential” services.  How much revenue does SJC bring to the City, if any?  How do you and Mayor Reed justify the enormous subsidy costs while so-called essential services are decimated?
- Anonymously

The Airport (SJC) is entirely self-supporting through the revenues from its own operations.  These revenues include landing fees, tenant rent, concession fees, parking, and other charges that are paid by the passengers and users of the Airport.

The direct and indirect economic impact of the Airport for Silicon Valley is currently estimated to be approximately $4 billion per year and more than 40,000 jobs.  More than 5000 people work at the airport for tenants, airlines, and contractors.  The Airport therefore provides benefits to local taxpayers measured in billions of dollars; local taxpayers have not paid a penny for the Airport itself.

SJC doesn’t receive any funding from the City either for day-to-day operations or for capital improvements at the airport.  However, the Airport pays the City’s general fund for specific services provided by the San Jose police and fire departments, as well as for the costs for other administrative services from City Hall.  By federal law, Airport funds cannot be diverted to non-airport uses or services.

The recent $1.3 billion modernization program was funded entirely by the Airport itself, with the exception of a relatively minor amount of federal funding for the new baggage security screening system.  Funding the project required the issuance long-term revenue bonds that are secured by Airport revenue, not taxes, and this debt is entirely separate and distinct from the City’s General Fund obligations.  This debt will be paid back over time from the money generated by the Airport’s regular operations, which is analogous to a homeowner paying back a mortgage over 30 years.

Because SJC must remain cost-competitive for airlines compared to other airports in the region and across the nation, it also cannot increase its rates and charges just to cover increases in its operating costs or debt service.  For this reason the Airport has aggressively reduced its operational costs over the past several years in light of reduced passenger and airline activity caused by the recession.  This has been necessary so that SJC will continue to be competitive for recruiting new carriers and flights that will meet the travel needs of Silicon Valley residents and businesses.

4. What ever happened to the Viet Heritage Garden and the Vietnamese American Community Center projects you were championing?
- Curious

The Viet Heritage Garden project is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in Spring of 2012. If you have a chance to drive by and check out the site, please do so. It is located behind Kelly Park, between Coyote Creek and Roberts Avenue, San Jose, CA 95112. Because the project is still under construction, we don’t have an exact address in our database.

The Vietnamese American Community Center project is currently on hold due to the elimination of the Redevelopment Agency. Since we anticipate that funding for the project would come from the Redevelopment Agency, it is unknown as this point whether this project will materialize. Please check back with my office from time and time and we will be more than happy to provide updates on this project. I can be reached at 408-535-4907 or email: [email protected].

5. The San Jose Police Officers Association supported you during the recall campaign and even made the POA hall your election night headquarters and helped you win your job back. Now, a couple of years later you turned your back on us and give no support back?
- Do your homework

I will always be grateful for the support that the POA has given me over the years. I don’t believe that I have turned my back on them. I commend the POA leadership for their recent offer to take a 10% pay cut during the fiscal year 2012-2013 in an effort to avoid more police officers layoff. This was a noble action on their part and I truly appreciate it. If your question is directed at my recent vote on pension reform then please allow me to explain why I voted for pension reform and placing a ballot measure in upcoming June’s primary election. For the past 10 years, the City of San Jose has been struggling with a structural deficit. Last year, we had to lay off police officers and shortened hours at the libraries and community centers. We will continue to have a deficit this year and essential city services will be impacted. Many elements contribute to our structural deficit. However, escalating retirement costs consume more than 20% of the General Fund. Without adequate pension reform, the City of San Jose will continue to face a structural deficit for many years to come.

6. Based on what proven legal precedents, case law or constitutional analysis (both California and U.S) are you basing your decisions to put forth a ballot measure that strips away vested benefits? Given that case law is well established, will you authorize the release of the legal analysis that is guiding your decision-making process so that the voters can make their own assessment of risk to which you are exposing them?
- The Voters Deserve an Answer

The current ballot language is not cemented in stone. The bargaining units have the opportunity to modify the ballot language through a process called mediation. The City can no longer function with simply trying to make ends meet by bridging the budget deficit every year through employee concessions. We need to target the root of the problem – which is our rising pension costs and this is what this ballot measure intends to do. I encourage all 11 bargaining units to engage in mediation so that we can work together to come up with a collaborative ballot measure rather than a divisive one. At the December 6, 2011 council meeting, the city council approved direction for staff not to transmit the ballot measure resolution to the County Registrar’s Office until March of 2012. Therefore, the bargaining units have time to engage in mediation in an effort to modify the ballot language.

I will support the release of any legal analysis that is not protected under the confines of “attorney-client privilege,” which belongs to the City Council as a whole. I believe that voters should have all the necessary information relating to pension reform before they have the opportunity to vote in June.

7. Do you now (or at any time) derive income from the San Jose Redevelopment Agency or the San Jose Diridon Development Authority?
- Just anon 4 now

Not directly. Prior to the current fiscal year (FY 2011-2012), the Redevelopment Agency provided funding to cover approximately 25% of the City Council/Redevelopment Board’s annual budget. This fiscal year, the Redevelopment Agency has provided $250,000 to cover all City support services, including City Finance, City Attorney, City Clerk and the Board.

8. When in the past four months have you voted against the direction or desire of the Mayor? Can you stand on your own or are you simply walking in his shadow spending his political capital?
- Independence

Although the Mayor and I don’t see eye to eye on every issue, I do support his efforts with pension reform because I believe it is critical to bring our City back to a sustainable level. It is not only our responsibility, but our obligation to provide essential services such as Police, Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Library, which directly affect the lives of our residents. Pension reform will help us achieve that goal. I make my decisions based on the interest of the residents I serve, not at the interest of a particular individual or any special interest groups.

9. I called the police for a suspicious person walking through my neighborhood.  Over an hour later, I was called and asked if I still needed the police and that there were still none available to investigate my complaint.  It seems that we are reading about a shooting, stabbing, or murder in San Jose on a regular basis. As a San Jose resident, I am very concerned that you and the Council have put other City services ahead of my families safety.  Do you think that all City services are equal?  I no longer feel safe living in San Jose and am considering moving because of the recent decisions you have made.
- George Braun

Public safety is and always will be one of my top priorities. As the former Chair of the Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee and a current member of the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force, I take the issue of public safety very seriously. I want every neighborhood in this city to be safe and secure. When people feel safe living in their neighborhood, it takes a lot of burden off of our police officers and public officials. Unfortunately, with an ongoing structural budget deficit looming over our heads, it forces us to make tough decisions like laying off police officers, which we did last year. Not all city services are equal but they are all important because they provide quality of life for our residents.

10. Now that you have voted to pass the ballot measure, do you anticipate more layoffs for public safety and city employees next year? What additional concessions do you want to see come forward from the unions? In addition, what is the status of the moth balled south valley police substation?
- Retired

The possibility of layoffs is uncertain at this time. The City Council will have an opportunity to review the proposed budget for fiscal year 2012-2013 at the beginning of next year. Everything will be considered during the budget process including reduction in city services and programs, layoffs of public safety and other city employees, delayed opening of community centers and libraries, etc. 

Any concessions from the bargaining units are welcomed. My goal is to bring this city back to its sustainable level. I look forward to continue working with our bargaining units to achieve a solution that is workable and agreed upon by both the City and the unions.

In regards to the Police Substation, along with new and recently constructed libraries and community centers, the Police Substation is completed and ready to open, but unfortunately the City does not currently have the funds to operate and maintain these new facilities and therefore these facilities have never been opened.  This is because the City of San Jose, like many other governments, continues to be plagued with budget shortfalls. In fact, 2011-2012 marked the City’s 10th consecutive year of shortfalls. To put things into perspective, the annual additional cost to operate and maintain the Police Substation alone is approximately $2.4 million.

The Police Substation was built to enhance policing services in the southern part of the City.  The groundbreaking for this project occurred February 2008, and construction was completed in October 2010. As a budget balancing strategy for the past two years, the opening of the Police Substation, along with other new libraries and community centers, were approved to be deferred and re-evaluated as part of the next year’s budget process.  Although I know how important it is to our community to open this facility, the cost of opening the Substation is substantial given the fiscal situation we are faced with now.  We are hopeful with the implementation of the City’s fiscal reforms that are underway, we can restore important services that have been recently cut as well as open this facility and others as our community expects.


  1. You,ve grown into quite a answer questions, but not answer questions but leave out bits of the truth. No one is buying it , not even other Council members. You sounded so incompetant , unable to answer questions posed to you at the Council Meeting. as far as standing on your own …..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THATS FUNNY! everyonecan see that you are Chuck Reeds hand puppet. well Knuckle up because a fight is coming your way. This City will be Tied up for years over this illegal Ballot measure. you are a joke ESPECIALLY in our own community. you are a true embarrassment to the Viet community

  2. “As the former Chair of the Public Safety, Finance and Strategic Support Committee and a current member of the Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force,…”

    How many times do we have to hear this and then see her act/vote in a contradictory manner? Despite this, Ms. Councilwoman, you obviously march to Mayor Greed’s drum without missing a step. I close my eyes and hear the mayor responding as your lips move.

    Regarding Ofc. Marshall: Your response is sickening and was predictable. You don’t “recall” demonizing him? Really,…SJPD does and so does Ofc. Marshall.

    Politicians like you and Reed the Terrible keep the Occupy Movement alive. Just when I start to think I am sick of them,…I think of politicians like yourself and tell em, “March on!”. March to the symbol of excess and gluttony, aka CSJ City Hall, and shout as long as you like.

    • You don’t recall calling Ofc. Marshall a murderer?!! I was there at that idiotic protest in front of the old city hall when you used those very words. You are a liar and a coward. After all the facts came out, including Ms. Tran’s extensive mental health issues, her use of edged weapons while living in Fremont, and the strained relationship she had with her boyfriend, you NEVER recanted your criminal allegations against Ofc. Marshall. You should be ashamed and the idiotic SJPOA should have NEVER endorsed you years later.

  3. That’s a good point and a regrettable yet accurate indictment of SJI commenters. A San Jose politician voluntarily interacting with the People? That’s almost unheard of. Even the Queen of England deigns to mingle with the masses more often than do our high and mighty council and most notably, His Highness Mayor Reed. Perhaps he should have a balcony installed up there above Santa Clara Ave. so he can occassionally emerge and wave his holy hand at the swooning masses.
    So yes. Though I may not agree with her positions I thank the honorable Councilwoman for her prompt and thoughtful response to the questions and Thanks SJI for providing this forum.

  4. HaHaHaHaHa! thank you! Hahahahahaha! D7 Staff is the best! only cost $253k in salary another $100k in retirement contributions and about $75K for medical and dental plan!  Only took 3 days for staff to answer the questions! Chief Moore took a month maybe 2 to answer questions himself! He should hire staff like District 7 staff! This is to easy!  Hahahahahah!

  5. Did you notice that she did not cite nor mention any legal basis for the ballot measure? That’s because there is none. When you knowingly engage in illegal activity you usually lose any immunity you would be granted as a public servant acting in your official capacity. Madison, have you ever thought about punitive damages, or do you figure you’ll vote to have the City pay those for you?

    • They knowingly voted to put this illegal measure on the ballot, which means they knowingly engaged in illegal activity, which forfeits their immunity granted to them, acting in an official capacity.  I’m assuming this means they can be sued on a personal level due to loss of immunity? Punitive damages for everybody. Class action lawsuit.

  6. It’s too bad you followed your Political thoughts instead of your Heart!As someone who is Anti-Public Safety you will pay in the next election. Good luck riding Mayor Burns shirt tail into disaster!

  7. The question was:

    8. When in the past four months have you voted against the direction or desire of the Mayor?

    The question was teed up for you to knock it out of the park. But you couldn’t provide a single example of a single incident in the past four months when you have ever once stood on your own and expressed your own independent thinking… pensions, redevelopment, marijuana, low income housing, ballot, libraries, bonds, stadium, etc. etc. etc…. anything! Not a single thing? Never? Not once? Really?!

    D7 deserves better.

    • Guts but no brains I guess. How can you say she has guts. She is elected official so she should be questions for the decisions she makes. So you commend her for answering promply yet the vomit that was spewed from her to answer these questions is complete garbage. I dont believe or listen to a word she says. She and the other politicians answer questions with questions and never with a straight answer. Thanks for running this city into the ground Madison.

    • You are an Idiot! Of Course People are pissed off just look at the state of the city. we have a corrupt Mayor,a spineless/two face vice Mayor , an incompetant city manager,and a clown court(liccardo,constant,Oliverio, Hererra) to stupid to realize they are destroying this city.pushing an Illegal Ballot measure ,that will cost Millions to pass and Millions to defend in court , that will ultimately be defeated .there are many court documented decisions that prove this. so stop your whining and educate yourself

  8. Vice Mayor,

    Thanks for responding in a timely manner, I appreciate that (Chief hope your reading if not too busy doing nothing) even if your answers were vague and politically correct.

  9. I would like to touch on the airport issue.  Vice Mayor NGUYEN are your prepared to swear under oath that the SJ airport has NO support from the City of San Jose?

    • I guess Vice Mayor Nguyen has been given her answers from Mr. Burns yet. I really wouldnt expect an answer or better yet an Honest one

  10. Vice Mayor Nguyen,
    I wish to express to you, and I’m not speaking for any particular community nor am I assuming others’ positions on any issues, that I applaud leaders that stand with what they believe are better laws or regulations for the people they serve. People have different opinions on different issues. However, I expect people not to abuse others using harsh language to intentionally offend or discredit others just to prove a point. If being politically correct is the minimum requirement for not getting criticism, you obviously passed – so be proud. Thank GOD. “Being kind is more important than being right” and “that one should keep his words both soft and tender, because tomorrow he may have to eat them” (Live & Learn & Pass It On, Vol II by T.Nelson). There’s nothing wrong with supporting Mayor Reed in some or all issues if you have the same point of view. It seems that today constructive communication is rare and destructive criticisms have become the norm. Words are often used as a cheap way to hurt people.

    I’ve heard many times the phrase “the sky is the limit”, but I think a more appropriate phrase for most of us is that “time is the limit.” I sincerely hope you and all City of SJ officials use your time wisely for your goal of bettering the city for all of it’s citizens. I wouldn’t blame any City of SJ official including the Police Chief for not agreeing to submit him or herself to attacks and insults, and/or not taking the time to answer to questions on a blog, because constituents can always send comments directly to any of you. Best wishes in all you do.

    • I applaud her as well!  She responded quickly and adequately to these questions knowing that she would be facing a firing squad of morons and labor flunkies that don’t know what the word compromise is.  Put yourselves in her shoes and you will understand why she makes the choices that she makes – for the better of the entire city! Not the better of the POA, not the better of the other city unions but the better of the city of San Jose and the residents that put her there!  Excellent job Vice Mayor Nguyen!

      • ahh youre such a good little aid….LMAO Is this what were paying for with all these council people and their little minions? This city is laughable.

      • What citizen says “constituents”?? That is what your office calls citizens. Constituents. Neither of your words hold water. If Ms Nguyen was truly about the betterment of the entire city, she would not have voted on something illegal, which the citizens are going to be harmed for, being that the millions of dollars in legal fees will come out of their pockets and the City will have not made any progress. That is just plain stupid. If she was about the betterment of the city, she would have cared enough about the employees to not have been a party to the disrespect and tearing apart of what once was good. No other city administration treats their employees this bad. They amicably work things out. If she was about the betterment of the city, she would have made sure that negotiations were proper and fair and the employees were not villianized. As it stands, the employees are dropping out like flies. They are losing directors, managers and many of the experienced staff. This will affect the citizens, directly, as far as service. THAT is not the betterment of the city. The employees run this city and if there aren’t experienced people behind the helm, the city suffers. Betterment my a$$. I concur that reform is necessary, but they don’t have to tear down the city and bring it to its knees to make that happen. If the citizens only knew what was going on behind closed doors, they would understand what I am saying…but the wool has been pulled over their eyes…so they don’t. What they don’t know is definitely hurting them and it is the administration’s fault. That include Ms Nguyen. I am sure she is a good, kind person…but that does not make up for being a pawn and not doing what is right. How best to get that deciding vote and get someone in your corner…make them vice mayor.

        • Shouldn’t you be patrolling a community, and helping to make our streets safer? All I hear is cops complainin about all that’s going on.  They’re cutting my pay, I won’t be able to retire at 90% of my salary… Boo hoo hoo.  If you don’t like it then leave… We want cops that want to help in our communities, not complain about their $100,000 salaries and pensions. NYPD makes $25k a year starting… That’s why you won’t leave.  Stop trying to milk the cow dry. I respect what the police do, but be glad you have a good job also.  Where’s that pride in being a police officer that protects the citizens? Now it’s just pride in your pocket book.  Lots of people aren’t fortunate enough to have a good job like you. It’s a recession. Everyones hurting.

        • Dad, dad, dad, What are we going to do with you? You’re continuing to believe your own BS! FYI – NYPD starts out at 42k and tips out at 91k/year excluding bonuses, which is comparable to SJPD. But nevermind the facts, because they don’t support your whining!

          There used to be a time when city employees had an investment in their city. Thanks to Chuck, Deb and their “chorus”, employment with the city of San Jose has become just a place to earn a paycheck and nothing more. Welcome to the new reality, now go back inside igneous Willow Glen bungalow and deal with it!

        • “Where’s that pride in being a police officer that protects the citizens?”

          Leave, you say??? Believe me, the door won’t get the chance to hit me on my way out, you du-b piece of sh-t! All police do not get 90% salaries. Few do. People’s heads are so full of reed’s sh-t that no matter what or how we try to make someone understand, they STILL can’t understand and continue to spew the same ole “don’t know what they are talking about” sh-t. You sound like a fool.

        • So in your city goverment employees are issued opinions and forbidden from speaking their mind on their personal time?

          In fact, yes, we ARE leaving SJPD, at unprecedented rates. The POA has the stats and it is obscene. As well, the department has become a wasteland for recruiting purposes. But as you say, boo hoo? When you call 911 and complain about there being no officers to help you and your family can I quote you,…“Boo hoo”. Just say’n,…

        • Concerned Dad

          Obviously you have some kush job that allows you to judge what others do for a living. what do you know of what our Public Safety does day in and day out. what do you know of the risks and injuries and yes sometimes death that these indiviuals go thru. what do you know of the lowest staffed Public Safety in the nation still doing their job to the best of their abilities. They expect nothing more than what was PROMISED to them . you must be the guy who always wanted to play sports , but always sat on the bench. you know that guy that always has all the answers…………………..but no ability. so stop your crying and appreciate that there are individuals willing to risk their lives for ingrates like you and family

        • Good luck finding that. Cops go where they get compensated well and treated well by their employer! If you think cops put their safety on the line for “their community” before their families best interest, then concerned dad needs to wake up out of his fantasyland dream. Willow glen or almaden living has ruined your concept of reality!

        • Is this the kind of attitude we should expect from our local law enforcement? I don’t know about anyone else but I sure don’t want people protecting our streets, let alone carrying guns, that feel this way about the people they are there to protect and serve.  Is this what we should expect from a force that has child molester, shoots first before taking a fake gun out of a drunks!!! pocket, and cover up crimes committed by other cops.  Sounds like you guys need to look at yourselves in the mirror a bit and come back to earth.  You’re not so high and mighty! Sjpd needs some serious restructuring.

        • Feel free to come pick up an application “Mr. I can do it better”. I look forward to seeing you put on a pair of boots and walk the walk.
          You can pick up applications online or at city hall human resources.
          Until then, we can agree to disagree and I will readily admit those who disgraced themselves and broke the law deserve whatever is coming to them.
          Just be honest enough to admit that you can not paint such a broad brush across the entire department for the transgressions of a minority.

        • But it’s okay for you all to have an attitude toward us and put us down, but when we come back at cha then it is US who have the attitude. You’re sick.

        • I think they work for the mayor.  Were going to vote on a continuing take away.  They may have all the stats in the world.  No good if you keep selling us out.

        • Looks like z is slightly more mature than x… First of all I don’t recall saying “I can do it better”, so please don’t pull that.  Second, I would love to if PD were hiring. But, they aren’t.  Maybe if you let officers go like mr x. I’m glad you believe that those that broke the law deserve what’s coming to them.  As long as it not their jobs back and back pay through arbitration for stupid technicalities when they clearly should have been fired. I’d love to not paint such a broad brush on transgressions of a minority but when I keep hearing disgraceful remarks from officers it’s hard to refrain from that.  You have to know that as a peace officer you are held to a higher standard. Be it fair or not, the perception exists and should ideally be the case.  You have your titles (officer, lt, cpt, etc) that inherently demand respect and distinguish you from the general public.  And before you go saying that cops are human too and blah blah, we understand this and know that no one is perfect but I hope you can let your fellow officers know that these remarks hurt our perceptions of you as a whole.  People are accustomed to seeing that badge and uniform and thinking they are safe and with a friend.  If certain attitudes I’ve been seeing from police continue then you won’t get that feeling and it’ll make your jobs harder and more dangerous.  Just think about it please.

        • To F the po-po.
          Being held to a higher standard and making a good impression on the public does not translate into any officer having to sit back and allow people to be derogatory toward us as individuals.
          As to the hiring issue, you are correct, they city is not hiring. However, unless you just turned 21, I wonder what stopped you from applying in previous years?
          At some point the citizenry will have to come to terms with the fact, they have a severely disillusioned mayor and a very tired law enforcement agency.
          Rest assured that the officers working will continue to do their best under these trying circumstances. Honestly, and I would be hypocritical if I did not admit this, very few give a rats behind if you are happy when we are done. As long as what transpired was legal, that is all we care about. Our job is not to make you feel good. Our job very often entails us showing adults how to behave like adults when they are incapable or unwilling to do so.
          We know the mayor has succeeded in turning public opinion of our wages and benefits. It pisses us off. As such, anger takes some time to subside. While I do not agree that it is right, it is the state of things in reality.
          I do not believe that anyone will purposely go out of their way to be rude, insensitive, or demeaning, however there is a limit that which one will endure at the hands of what is perceived to be an ungrateful city.
          Please, on behalf of all SJPD members, accept my apology if you were treated poorly in the past. Give us some time, but don’t expect things to change overnight. Wounds will heal, however ours our deep and raw.

        • Concerned dad, you will probably get social security unlike our police and fire who are not eligible for it. They work hard and do dangerous work, they deserve every penny!

      • LOL! Adequately? OK, if you are content with a Reed puppet then yes. She did fine. Otherwise, welcome to the real world. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

      • to Quit complaining

        You have Blinders on! stop kissing the ring and start paying attention.This worthless Mayor has been on Council for the last 12 years. He more than anyone or anything is at fault for the issues destroying this City . Madi is but a pawn , being used by the powers that be . Is this City in financial trouble …….Maybe but not to the extent that the mayor would have you believe . If it was truely that dire , would we be looking to spend millions upon millions on a Ballpark. is this not a luxury? mean while we trying to sell the Golf courses because they are a luxury. these plots will then be rezoned for LOW INCOME HOUSING ( a Huge drain on resources) Measure V& W , didnt the Mayor and Madi both swear that these measures would help public safety , not hurt it. Then Police Officers and Firefighters are LAID OFF. Most of which Opted Not to come back. Now we are Going to be voting on ………wait for it………………An ILLEGAL BALLOT MEASURE. that is sure to cost the residents of this God for Saken City Millions and Millions of Dollars , Only to be fought over agai in the Court system. This issue has been court tested many times and cannot and will not change the outcome. If Madi Truely had the Citys best interest at heart , she would have demanded that the city return to the negotiating table. These unions offered up 500 million Dollar package that the city didnt even look at , it gave EVERYTHING the mayor asked for and more.It was Denied without ever being studied , just more proof that it is not about pensions it is about the Mayors agenda. wake up , try reading something other than the merc , the only thing its good for is lining the cat litter box

        • Was Mr Burns not there???? Did he not have a say? What happened to his voice? The other 2 tatoheads were just as guilty . hes just gotten m was born and raised in this city , was always proud of this city, raised my family here…………………but it is truely Disgusting to see what has become of it………..Im out

  11. quote Quit complaining

    “Morons and labor flunkies that don’t know what the word compromise is”

    Only in San Jose can one be called a moron and labor flunky by a lackey and shill.

    Yes I know the word compromise as I witnesses you boss compromise Public Safety and City services.

      • Listen to you ,  everyone has a plan ………………till they get punched in the Face. You’re gonna chase a badguy down an alley , you’re gonna respond to domestic violence calls , You’re gonna take on a methhead????? Stay home and watch Law& order leave the Public Sfety to Professionals

  12. Vice Mayor Nguyen,

    I would like to know why it is that, in addition to voting in favor of placing on the June ballot a measure which your own in-house attorneys, the State A.G. and the 2nd District Court of Appeals all have said is illegal.

    I would furthermore like to know why it is that, in voting to approve this ballot measure, you have made yourself complicit in an illegal action as documented below:

  13. I wonder if it is Madison Nguyen’s practical business inexperience that is holding back real city progression, or her own political asperations (at our expense).  For example, the drive into the new “Willow Glen” neighborhood (including the new The Plant shopping center, and several new home developements) is really sketchy. There are sketchy folks that live under the Curtner Ave train overpass that Madison Nguyen District 7 doesn’t seem to know how to handle, and the entrance way into the Plant isn’t very inviting for new businesses. You’d think that the City would spruce this area up and make it feel safe, if they want folks from Willow Glen and the walk from Caltran, and South Bay in general, to visit this otherwise potentially up and coming neighborhood. As it is, nothing about the drive in from Curtner and 87 seems inviting, safe, or ties in the neighborhood, much less advertises what one can really find and expect if they drive further in. Real lack of leadership from Madison, and mostly a dissapointment of what could otherwise be a great way to increase tax contributions for San Jose.