WATCH: Never-Before-Seen Footage Shows Third Day of San Jose’s George Floyd Protests

On June 27, San Jose Inside requested surveillance footage from the security cameras installed on the Santa Clara Street side of City Hall.

We asked to view video captured on multiple cameras from late afternoon to midnight on May 29, 30 and 31—the first three days of local protests in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police.

On Friday this week, the city sent us about 20 hours worth from May 30 and 31.

We whittled the first batch, which captures events on May 31, from more than nine hours to just a few. The results are now uploaded online and available below.

We plan to post more footage as we get it.

For now, here’s the first one, which offers a never-before-seen look at events as they unfolded on the third day of protests against police brutality in downtown San Jose.


  1. The protests against police brutality were well justified. I remember when McNamara was mayor or chief of police cant remember which he made police choke holds illegal which made sense. Trump recently did the same but probably wont end the practice nationwide. On a side note I would like to see all the relatives of people who have died due to covid-19 file a class action lawsuit against Trump and his minions for the murders of their loved ones. It’s called accountability and they as well as the police need to know they cant continue to get away with murdering innocent people regardless of color.

  2. I have a theory that racism is in our DNA going back to the beginning of the human race. If they dont look like us or act like us they must want to kill us or steal our women so we best kill them first. How do we get that out of our DNA? I dont have the answer other than a concerted to start teaching how wrong it is starting in first grade and continuing up to graduation. Maybe will have a 50% success rate but hey what else can we do to eliminate the hate that so many people have ? We are all on this planet at this time brothers and sisters and should shout out everyday how lucky we are to be alive on this little blue ball floating in space.

  3. It is unfortunate that Geo Floyd was killed but he was no angel (5x convicted felon) and it was caught on tape to make excuse for the BLM (funded/backed by whom?) – to trash burn cities. if the BLM was truly concerned about black lives – what about the dozens of black people killed every week in large democrat run cities, inc children. What does BLM say about that? Nothing. So our cities burn, business destroyed (inc black business) all to make what point? a few police overreact? Yet now with calls for defunded/ reducing police – crime and killing are shooting up drastically. There is something else in play in, something that wants to destabilize the country.

  4. David, racism isn’t a part of DNA but mental illness is. Narcissm is what causes racism and the other forms that fall under ableism, it’s particularly rampant in a capitalist culture where individualism bases self worth on material gain. You’re making an animal instinct excuses that humans can’t help themselves but to be discriminatory, that’s not accurate, it’s social conditioning that causes that. It’s apathetic to attribute racism to DNA, we can do something about the mental illness problem.

  5. I don’t buy that “mental illness” bit Leigh. there has been discrimination of all sorts, regardless of skin color or race, since we were small bands of hunter-gatherers. “Those” people over there have better hunting grounds so we will conquer, drive out, oppress, enslave and/or kill them. Happened all over the Americas long before 1492. It goes on in modern times. Technology, faster travel and greater populations bring this unfortunate human trait forward all the time, regardless of race, ethnicity or politics.
    There were white slaves in Africa before the US was even started. Slavery and oppression have always been, still are with us. Today in Libya and other parts of the world there is slavery and the Kmer Rouge slaughtered a million Cambodians in the ’70’s and ’80’s – – there is no hysterical (Geo Floyd) media about it – – so no one seems to care that much. Last week a 1 y/o baby was shot in his stroller – – where is the BLM on that?
    But racism is more than social conditioning – – its not like cheering for your favorite baseball team. We have made good progress in this country – although maybe slipping back now – – compared to other parts of the world This anarchy and upheavel moves our country backward and that may be what the manufactured frenzy is about

  6. The biggest racists in history have been fascist communists; Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc.

    Arguably the most capitalistic country on the planet fought to prove “all men are created equal” and fought a bloody civil war to fix the parts it didn’t get right the first time.

    But that’s just the way I see it.

  7. > On a side note I would like to see all the relatives of people who have died due to covid-19 file a class action lawsuit against Trump and his minions for the murders of their loved ones.

    How is Trump guilty of murder? The Chicoms let the coronavirus loose on the world and didn’t tell anyone.

    Trump tried to shut down travel with China and Democrats opposed.

    Pelosi told people to visit Chinatown in San Francisco.

    Democrats are guilty of murder.

  8. Governor Cuomo lied about the virus ravaging his city and forced retirement homes to accept patients actively infected. De Blasio didn’t start cleaning the filth out of subway cars until the second week of May!

    The death toll in those facilities accounts for over 40% of the deaths in this country.

    By all means, let us prosecute politicians for dereliction of duty.

    We can start with De Blasio and Cuomo.

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