WATCH: Day 2 of San Jose’s George Floyd Protests

Over the weekend, San Jose Inside published footage of the May 31 protests captured on surveillance cameras outside City Hall. Well, here’s the second video we got from the city in response to a public records request.

This video—which has been edited from several hours to just two—documents several hours from afternoon to midnight on May 30, the second day of demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police.

Most of the parts we cut didn’t even show any protesters. And while most of the footage is uneventful, you can skip to the hour-and-four-minute mark to see when police start firing flash bangs, rubber bullets and tear gas.


  1. I can’t tell you how very disappointment with SJ Inside on this one. This article is complete garbage reporting.

    There is a cut in the video at 1:05:11! You can see the Sheriff’s bus at the far intersection. Then it disappears. There is no time stamp on the video this could have been 1 min or 1 hour of video. It was long enough for the bus to leave and arrive a the near intersection.

    So what happened in that time that we weren’t supposed to see? Was this part of the “unimportant parts” that was removed by the unnamed reported?

    Please post the entire video as given to you. Filtering information to make a story is really bad reporting. This is what I expect from Fox or CNN not “local” new sources.

    • Hi Jerold – the city provided us with 10 hours worth of footage for that day – those are very large files, upwards of 20 GB. I combed through all of the footage to try to cut it down to something we could actually upload for readers. Most of the footage cut was on the front end before the protest actually started. But we did make cuts throughout in moments where there was very little movement in order to condense the file size. Unfortunately, there was no timestamp on the video that the city provided.

  2. Hi Grace,

    Thank you for your reply. I have read many of your articles and found them to be straight forwards and without an agenda. Which is generally true of SJ Inside reporters and news (not the opinion column). This is why I was surprised at the video edits in the middle of the video.

    The missing time is most likely was less than 10 min, based on the people and traffic patterns. However there is an hour of nothing before that. So would it would be better to cut 10 mins off the front or back of the video rather remove it from the middle, right where the article says to watch?

    While it may or may not be true that there was nothing happening during the missing time, it has the appearance that it was cut for a reason. In addition the article has a snarky tone that implies everything is wrong with the city and police. Specifically “Well, here’s the second video we got from the city in response to a public records request.” It sounds like my mother caught me taking a cookie or something.

    We are asking for accountability from the city. However, we should be asking for account ability from everyone involved. If any of the police acted in appropriately it should be addressed. If the protestors acted in appropriately it should also be addressed.

    Maybe the video came from the city like this, I don’t know? But it should be explained and posted in the interest of transparency.

  3. I got chills as I watched this from this angle, having been on the ground during this. Around the 30 min mark is when they shot rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd because one person threw a water bottle at one officer (wearing full SWAT gear), and we all had to run. Several of my friends were hurt during that (either they got hit by a rubber bullet or were tear gassed pretty bad). After that the police and Sheriffs aggressively tried to get us to disperse, using more tear gas and flash bangs and rubber bullets on the people who stayed around city hall. This was BEFORE the curfew was put in place, btw… So there was no reason for them to be so aggressive when the protestors were mostly just standing around outside of city hall. The police caused everything you see in this video.

  4. Hello San Jose…..

    The videos below should help with a close up view of what was going on. I was arrested multiple times in the surveillance videos provided by the City but you can barley even see what is going on.

    There are dozens of (High End) security cameras that are a lot closer then the “Nose Bleed” views the City is supplying the public.

    Can we see all the Videos on your YouTube page San Jose Inside that the City provided?? I would love to see the cameras that are near the front corner of 3rd and Santa Clara. Has anyone thought to try and get the VTA footage from the two bus stops??

  5. yawn

    is this what you people have been whining about for weeks?

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    the operative word being ‘peaceably’

    by the way, rents due in a week, better get ubering

  6. @Jess

    So can I throw FROZEN water bottles at you wearing full “swat gear”? “Swat gear” is only the helmet. The rest of the gear is a standard issue vest and the duty belt. Even with a helmet and vest it is not an Iron Man suit and the police do get hurt. It also adds weight, is very hot, blocks vision and encumbers movement. The police are humans just like you and throwing FROZEN water bottles at ANYONE (human or not) is aggressive and inexcusable behavior.

    To put this in perspective a .5 liter water bottle thrown (@60 mph – below average soft ball pitch) has the same muzzle energy as a .22 LR round fired from a GUN. The rubber bullets fired by the police have a muzzle energy of ~87 foot pounds. Think about that.

    Condoning the violence (throwing water bottles) is the same as proliferating violence. If you want a peaceful protest, act like it and it will be peaceful. If you are a peaceful person you have a duty to give up the bad apples. Give them up and let them take the heat and you continue the peaceful protest. Doing less is condoning violence.

    Let’ be real. The police didn’t chase people down like a T-Rex. The video clearly shows them talking with people that wander in. The interaction seems to be peaceful and the people go a different direction. I wasn’t there but I didn’t see the beating up random people has you have implied.

    I’m literally shocked, ashamed and disgusted with humanity. When did it become OK to treat anyone as sub human? This goes for EVERYONE – police, politicians, protestors not matter the color their skin or shape of their eyes?

    As someone looking for change you must take the high road and set the example. Don’t expect anyone to act better than you do.

  7. > Around the 30 min mark is when they shot rubber bullets and tear gas into the crowd because one person threw a water bottle at one officer (wearing full SWAT gear), and we all had to run.

    What’s so hard to understand?

    You can’t throw a (frozen?) water bottle at a cop in a crowd control situation. It’s NOT included in your First Amendment rights.

    You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theatre.

    Grow up and learn that civilization is NOT all about you and your unicorn fantasies.

    How old are you, anyway? You act like you have an incompletely developed prefrontal cortex.

  8. > I can’t tell you how very disappointment with SJ Inside on this one. This article is complete garbage reporting.


    That’s what I’m here for.

    It’s my job to discern and explain the deficiencies of San Jose Inside reporting.

    Are you trying to suggest that I haven’t been doing a good job?

  9. Speaking of bad news coverage, HOW RIDICULOUS IS THE NEWS COVERAGE getting to be in this country?

    An online news source (via Andy Ngo, via Twitter) reports on the “Antifa” attacks on the Federal Court Building in Portland:

    “The Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse has been the target of intense violence and vandalism for weeks as rioters, night-after-night, try to break inside. Multiple fires have even been set on the building while officers are barricaded inside.”

    WHAT? ! !

    ARSONISTS tried to set fire to a MAJOR building in Portland with people barricaded inside? (And, I am told, the building is ALSO a detention center with 400 inmates locked in cells).

    This COULD HAVE BEEN A HORRIFIC DISASTER. Fifty times WORSE than the Oakland “Ghost Ship” disaster. AND INTENTIONAL and PREMEDITATED!

    See Iroquois Theatre Fire

    See, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

    See, the Cocoanut Grove FIre.

    And the Trump hating politicized national “news media” reported nothing?


  10. @Bubble.

    I’m not saying this is untruthful, it might be nothing. But it would be nice to have access to the entire video and let the public decide. There are other cuts in there too. So who knows what happened.

    This is nothing new. Media has started wars and caused more damage than you can imagine. I expect this from the SJ Mercury/SF Chronicle/CC Times/Oak Tribune (all the same) and I really do expect better of SJ inside.

    The link below shows some outright lies that NBC created for ratings and they got caught. Watch the apology at the end. It was staged by their own admission.

    I’m seriously disappointed with humanity or lack of. Everyone wants to throw rocks and place blame The politicians love it, because if there were no problems they wouldn’t have jobs. So lets put them out of work and actually solve the problems through honesty.

    • Hi Jerold – like I mentioned before, we were given 10 hours of footage, which is an extremely large file size. You’re welcome to request the same footage from the city of San Jose if you’d like to see the full length video.

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