San Jose Police Arrest Four People, Impounded Five Cars During Sideshow Enforcement

San Jose police arrested four people, impounded five cars and issued more than 40 citations related to sideshow activities over the weekend.

Officers responding to several sideshow reports on Saturday night say they arrested three arrests people suspected of illegally possessing guns. The firearms were confiscated, according to the San Jose Police Department.

Another arrest was made for multiple counts of reckless driving, police added.

Many of the citations were given under a city spectator ordinance.

The impounded cars will be held for 30 days.

“As long as this activity continues, we will keep up the enforcement with available resources,” police said in a media statement.


  1. I’m afraid there aren’t nearly enough available resources to eliminate these situations entirely. Legislation for stiffer enforcement is needed, such as permanent forfeiture of perpetrators’ vehicles. These are not law abiding citizens, and the only way to stop them is to take their wheels away from them.

  2. Oh No! They impounded more black and brown cars than white cars and more foreign model cars made from parts manufactured in Mexico than in the U.S. ! Oh the humanity!

  3. So any questions…where was this sideshow that resulted in 4 arrests? Any names of suspects of the arrested suspects? And why not, weapons charges are very serious, or at least they used to be. How much will it cost the vehicle’s drivers for the 30 day impound? How much is the fine for the spectators?

    And will the City file a claim for damaged traffic paint markings and any other pavement damages? And clean up? They should, as nearly all markings will need to be refreshed. And the State should also issue fines to these drivers for clean water discharge violations for all the tire debris that will wash down the storm system and into the creeks. It’s time to really charge for actual costs and damages that result from this BS.

  4. Completely agree with “The Engineer” regarding the lack of facts in this story. Where is the follow-up on this by your reporters?… You know, the old “Who, What, Where, Why and When” that constitutes basic journalism?

  5. The IRS gets 95% compliance by making examples of the people they do catch. The police do not have to catch every violator to make a difference. Just make an example and publicize the ones they do catch. Maybe increase the impounding to 120 days. If that doesn’t work, seize the cars and put them up for auction.

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