Sacred Heart Maxes Out Due to ‘Overwhelming Demand’

In the latest evidence of the impact COVID-19 is having locally, Sacred Heart Community Service has announced that the $11 million in contributions it collected to go toward financial assistance for low-income residents has been tapped out.

As a result, Sacred Heart—the organization noted for providing essential needs while offering tools for people and families to sustain themselves going forward—is no longer accepting applications for financial assistance.

According to the nonprofit’s website, those who meet the eligibility criteria can add their name to an interest list. However, Sacred Heart cannot guarantee it will be able to provide services to everyone who needs it.

Should additional funding become available, Sacred Heart will contact eligible households to find out how it can be of service.

In a plea for donations, Sacred Heart Executive Director Pancho Guevara said the nonprofit needs help now more than ever in its 55-year history.

“Today, we need your financial support more than ever,” he wrote in a recent call for contributions. “After health and safety precautions related to the spread of coronavirus have closed businesses and schools, we are the safety net. After 40 years of declining real wages, increasing costs, and narrowing government benefits for the working class, we are the safety net. We expect the demand for basic services—emergency food and rental assistance—to increase dramatically over the next couple of weeks as hourly and service employees lose income. We are the safety net.”

Dear friends – We regret to inform you that we have already reached the maximum capacity of households that we will be...

Posted by Sacred Heart Community Service on Thursday, March 26, 2020


  1. The death toll from COVID will be nothing compared to the damage done by the massive joblessness caused by the actions of the government’s overreaction.

    • Sir, it is beginning to look like the crisis is deepening and it is due to gov’t inaction for too long. I wish the gov’t had “overreacted.”