President Obama Talks Climate Change in South Bay Visit

President Obama delivered a passionate, if not brief, speech about energy efficiency Friday at a Walmart in Mountain View. His appearance was greeted not with the standard senior citizens but dozens of demonstrators—some of whom may have been seniors—as well as supporters, who lined the sidewalks in the parking lot hoping for a glimpse.

The majority of  demonstrators chanted and held signs about raising minimum wage. Indoors, Obama's speech drew upon a recently released climate change report. He reiterated his administration's position: “Climate change is real and we have to act now.”

President Obama also remarked on how this particular Walmart installed solar panels on the roof, similar to many other buildings company-wide. Walmart has committed to reducing energy consumption in every store nationally. Before he left, President Obama also noted that alternative energy creates billions of dollars in new jobs and helps the environment.

And like that, he was gone.


  1. The Greenhouse Gas Spewer in Chief lecturing us? Again?.
    He’s gonna need a bigger jumbo jet to haul around that ego of his.

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