Poll: Nearly Half of Millennials Consider Leaving Bay Area

By the Numbers: 46%

Despite a booming economy and high-wage jobs, the Bay Area has taken a toll on all but its most affluent denizens. Nearly half of millennials (anyone born since the early 1980s) are inclined to leave the nine-county region. That’s according to a new poll by the business-backed Bay Area Council, which found that grinding traffic and soaring housing costs have rendered the region prohibitively expensive to the young and working class. The survey found that 46 percent of millennials and 40 percent of the region’s residents overall consider fleeing—a considerable increase from last year. Of the thousand residents polled, 55 percent said that they worry about the overall cost of living, 41 percent cited traffic as their biggest concern and 39 percent cited housing. It’s clear that younger adults feel the most pain, however. Nearly two-thirds of millennial respondents ranked cost of living as one of the main problems facing the Bay Area.

Source: Bay Area Council

Source: Bay Area Council


  1. > Nearly half of millennials (anyone born since the early 1980s) are inclined to leave the nine-county region.

    Subsidize “homelessness”. Subsidize foreign workers. Subsidize illegal immigrants.

    Subsidize pointless, useless college degrees with subsidized student loans.

    What’s left for a millennial in the bay area but to work in an unskilled job that an H1B won’t do, pay taxes, and pay off student loans?

    I would blame the Republicans in California, but they’re all stuffed and mounted in natural history museums next to the giant ground sloth exhibits.

  2. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to give much weight to a survey who polled ~.01% of the population.

  3. They should move. I have been touring the South. Greenville, South Carolina is a boom town for jobs. Unbelievably low rents. Also don’t rule out Alabama. Most of the country has not yet discovered its considerable charms, but they will

  4. This isn’t exactly fake news, but it isn’t real news either. Whenever surveys like this, a significant percentage always say they want to leave. The reasons may differ, but the results are the same. When the population of the Bay Area starts declining (as it did briefly after the 2000 dot com bust) then you’ve got real news.

  5. Always enjoy those folks who proclaim N/S Carolina and the Deep South are the new West. Having livied in both for the past 30 years I can say that both are the toilet hole of America. If you want a great job at Burger King or McDonalds go fer it. I encourage Bay Area residents to pack their bags and move there! Please take your garbage with you. Reminds me when folks were trying to convince each other that Oregon was so great. Must have visited in the summer because the other 9 months are drizzle and overcast and jobs non-existent. Please, please move and make room for the rest of us.

  6. Everyone in their 20’s complains. If they didn’t I would worry. The current bay area is the millennial’s creation and their utopia, they aren’t going to stay away long. Certainly, not after they hit up a chick-fil-a in West Virginia. Or maybe they are just growing up and will get smart and buy a house that doesn’t cost a million bucks. Of course they will Calexit to allow the illegal aliens to stay here and pay $2000 in rent and an extra 13 cents in gas tax, because it would be racist to tell them it is better somewhere where they can afford to live.

    • I have have a couple dozen friends that have left the state and the bay area in the last ten years, other that the weather and me they seem to miss very little. Well maybe Chinese food!

  7. 46% of millennials allegedly said they would CONSIDER moving away. I wish most of them would. As a group, they are a bunch of worthless whiners who have had too much given to them (think participation trophies, multiple electronic gadgets they remain glued to, even while walking the streets, etc. ); and they are unreliable on the jobs they keep quitting, or getting fired from due to their chronic absenteeism and poor performance. Surveys like this are worthless. How many have ACTUALLY MOVED would be a story. Since SJI didn’t tell us that, I conclude that too few have actually moved away and the survey is just more millennial-coddling BS.

    • My guess the snowflakes will stay here with Mommy in Sugartit Land. The rest of the country is not rolling out the welcome wagon to a bunch of sniveling Californian’s looking for a free lunch. Been there!

  8. Half of the millennials moving out of town sounds realistic. The chances that all their career paths will allow them to stay in town in unlikely. There spot will be filled by millennials from out of down who have a career path that brings them to San Jose, CA

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