Police Blotter: March 30-31, 2014

The San Jose Police Department blotter for March 30-31 includes a late night shooting downtown and a man who was shot while standing in his driveway. The following information was taken from a report created by SJPD staff:

Date/Time: March 31, 2014 — 4pm

Location: Southern District

Type of Crime: Gang Suppression Detail

Details: Officers working gang suppression conducted high visibility patrols in known gang hot spots that resulted in the arrest of three suspects for possession of drugs, under the influence, violation of a restraining order.

Date/Time: March 31, 2014 — 1:38am

Location: 300 block of N 3rd St.

Type of Crime: Shooting into an Occupied Dwelling

Details: Two groups were involved in an argument inside of a business. The subjects were escorted outside by security. One subject began to shoot at a moving vehicle and then got into a vehicle and shot in the direction of the business. No injuries were reported. The unidentified suspect was not located and remains at large. The investigation is on going.

Date/Time: March 31, 2014 — 5:14pm

Location: 1900 block of Edgestone Cl.

Type of Crime: Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Details: The victim reported standing in his driveway when he heard gun shots. The victim was struck at least one time by a bullet. The victim was transported to a local area hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. The unidentified suspect was not located and remains at large. The investigation is on going.

Date/Time: March 31, 2014 — 5:51pm

Location: 2nd St./ E. San Fernando St

Type of Crime: Firearms Discharge

Details: The unknown suspect(s) discharged a firearm. The witnesses heard gunshots, phoned the police, and evidence was located at the scene. No injuries were reported and no victims were located. The investigation is on going.


  1. So why are you now posting crime reports? We know Chuck and crew have reduced the PD to about 900 officers when it should be above 1400 what do you expect. And projections are in the low 800’s in two years, until this city council is replaced do not expect any decreases in crimes. Heck you will be lucky to get an officer to respond unless a dead body is found in your yard or house. We are the next Oakland, thank you Chuck for Measure B. But remember citizens of SJ who even bothered to vote approved this measure, be careful what you wish for. Go have another drink of Chucks cool aid. It is sad and will not get better for years, but the IPA wants to get officer cameras so she can justify her over paid job.

  2. It’s nice to see coverage of crime in SJ besides homicides and whatever upsets people in Willow Glen. Serious, violent crime occurs daily and the Murky News buried it alongside the petty crimes that occur in the sleepier towns (see their Police Blotter for examples). I laugh when there’s press coverage of wild pigs and lawn poisoning… People are shot and stabbed every single day.

  3. Anyone who can read the daily watch commander logs would be amazed at the violent shootings and stabbings that occur every week. Armed robberies are on a sharp increase and the burglaries remain at a skyrocketing high with the violence of peoples front doors being kicked in while at home! Yes the crime is off the chart and it is rarely reported. The only time mainstream media reports this stuff is when someone dies. The trauma center at RMC alone has saved many from being homicide victims over the last several years. We could easily be in the 70 or even 80 homicide range. Its amazing how you NEVER hear the mayor or any council person speak when crimes are occurring. They are like a scared child hiding under the blanket with his eyes closed thinking that if they dont acknowledge it then it never existed. San Jose is being run by the cartel of a past mayor and a corrupt current one…. Their only concern is kickbacks and lining the pockets of big money construction, developers and attorneys. For such an educated region we have really stupid voters and people that just flat out are too lazy to do their homework.

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