Gas Pump Prices Soar to Record in U.S., California

California drivers continue to face sticker shock at the gas pump as they are paying the highest average price per gallon in the nation. And prices are expected to rise even further into the week.

Santa Clara County's average today, $5.48 for a gallon of regular gas, was in the middle range of Bay Area counties. according to the American Automobile Association.

Motorists are paying on average 58 cents more for a gallon of regular gas than they did three weeks ago, as the statewide average price reached a national high of $5.28 Sunday in response to rising crude prices, then rose again to $5.44 a gallon today, March 8. That is $1.27 higher per gallon than the national average.

As of today, Bay Area drivers are paying from an average of $5.33 a gallon in San Benito County, according to the Automobile Association of America, to $5.63 a gallon in Marin County.

The area's gas prices on Saturday were $5.11 for regular gas and $5.37 for premium, and as of Sunday the price had risen to $5.19 a gallon for regular and $5.48 for premium.

The state average was $4.68 in early February and $3.47 a year ago. The national average one year ago was $2.50.

Average prices for regular gasoline per gallon in other regional counties as of today, March 8:

  • $5.63 Marin
  • $5.59 San Francisco
  • $5.57 Sonoma
  • $5.57 Napa
  • $5.56 San Mateo
  • $5.51 Alameda
  • $5.51 Contra Costa
  • $5.48 Santa Clara
  • $5.49 Solano
  • $5.38 Santa Cruz
  • $5.38 Monterey
  • $5.33 San Benito

Drivers looking for low prices often turn to, which on Sunday listed the lowest Bay Area price at $4.25 a gallon at the Berryessa Road Safeway in San Jose.

California gasoline prices are highest in the U.S., as national pump prices hit record, March 8.
Map courtesy of American Automobile Association.


  1. The REAL Issue is why does the U.S. have a leader that goes to Shunned & Rejected Dictatorships to Beg for Oil? (Iran?, Venezuela? Russia? Saudi Arabia?)
    Why does the U.S. Administration wish to Enrich Foreign Despots and Dictators with U.S. taxpayer dollars?
    While at the same time gives speeches telling us to Make American & Buy American?

    Such a weak leader – kowtows to the climate terrorists…

    Pain is the plan – High gas prices, High energy costs, High food prices, High consumer goods…
    the best way to ‘control behavior’ and force the ‘proletariat’ to follow their climate edicts.

    This is BIG ‘Karma’ for the low & middle class voters that put these DEM elites into office.

    Maybe they will be able to get sweater & blanket handouts from the government to keep warm this winter?
    Maybe tell them all to Buy Wind Powered Skateboards & Scooters… or EVs?

    —CA, Facing Power Crisis, Frets Over Electric Car Charging Routines (Newsweek Jun2021)—-

    Higher Electricity Prices: High “Rates are a Climate Strategy, and CA plans on using Rates to help DRIVE charging BEHAVIORS…”
    During the “.. heat wave last (summer), …CA power grid operators encouraged residents to relieve pressure on the grid by charging their electric vehicles before the peak energy use times of day.”

    “Increased reliance on solar & wind energy will present a “Tricky Problem” regarding
    “… overnight charging “… which will have to shift to daytime hours, when generation occurs…

    Biden & Putin have put a stake in the “green” utopia.

  2. Some CA legislators are calling for a suspension of the Gas Tax…
    guess which party they belong to?
    Not the party that pushes victimhood and Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE).

    CA has the highest Fuel Taxes in the nation,
    so while the Feds were considering to suspend the Fed Fuel tax of $0.184 per gallon.
    It would really benefit the low & middle-class CA residents (the ones want a rent holiday and subsidies) to suspend the CA Fuel Tax of $0.6815 per gallon,
    suspending the 2.25% addl sales tax on gas would save $0.12 more per gallon.

    So in the name of EQUITY (I mean Equity!) will CA legislators suspend state Fuel Taxes and immediately lower the price of gas by 80 cents per gallon?

    Truckers that deliver food, groceries, and consumer goods are paying more at $1.00 per gallon tax on diesel fuel (before sales taxes).
    Imagine what this is going to do to Biden’s Inflation adjusted grocery bills over the next year.
    Don’t forget Farm vehicles use gas & diesel fuels.

  3. As I recall, just over a year ago we were Energy Independent.

    Once Joe Biden took office he shutdown the Keystone Pipeline and drilling on Federal land (more or less). Now we import oil from Russia and he is negotiating with Iran & Venezuela to import oil from them as well. And just today Biden said we need to try to become Energy Independent.

    The stupidity of all of this is so absurd that one can only conclude the Biden Admin. is doing it on purpose, perhaps to achieve their green goals. Or perhaps some other nefarious goals?

  4. @Work90, Correct, In less than 1 year the Biden Admin turned the USA from Energy Powerhouse
    to Energy Beggar-man.

    Just a couple years ago, the U.S. was on track to becoming the World Energy Leader,
    “In 2017, the U.S. became a NET Exporter of Natural Gas for the first time since the late 1950s.
    In 2019, U.S. total annual Energy Exports Exceeded total annual Energy Imports for the
    FIRST time in 67 years,
    and the U.S. became a NET TOTAL Energy Exporter.”

    In the past year the U.S. has had to go Begging for More Power, Oil and Energy,
    Biden has begged OPEC and Russia to increase oil production & export,
    Biden released U.S. Strategic Fuel Reserves (wisely topped off by his predecessor),
    and has Inflicted the Highest Energy Prices on the population.

    Now with Gas prices jumping again after the more than 40%+ increase from bad energy policy,
    the Biden admin talks about gas tax reductions – an entire 18 cents…

    The Plan of Pain on the People, who can least afford the gas cost and the resultant increase in prices on food, goods & services due to trucking fuel costs will bite deep for most…
    – particularly the Middle & Low Income classes that can least afford the 50% – 60% increase in fuel costs.

    — “OPEC Says To Biden: If You Want More Oil, Pump It Yourself” (Forbes Nov2021) —

    Natural Gas is a readily available, cleaner energy source that is not dependent on the whims of Nature and Chinese manufacturing output (the major WW Solar Component Producer).

    Oil from both U.S. and Canada is abundant enough that an increase in production and efficient supply system (ie. Pipelines) could greatly impact the global oil market – making

    Oil Prices are near $130 per Bbl – providing opportunity and huge revenues for Countries run by Dictators, Despots and Criminals (Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Middle East)

    The Oil prices per Bbl range for the past year:
    52wk Low 57.25 (CA gas price avg was $3.75)
    52wk High 130.50 (who knows ???)

    The current gas price is based on recent oil prices of $90-$100 per Bbl.
    Highest Recorded Average CA GAS Price:
    Regular Unleaded $5.444 on 3/8/22
    Energy Policy is directly related to National Security and Global Security –
    and Biden Harris admin are FAILING.

  5. Vacancy Vaquero, Got to love the BBee.

    “With new resolve, the Biden Admin has taken its first step toward increasing oil production for Americans by selling Alaska back to Russia so we can start drilling for oil there again.”

    Biden proclaimed,
    “I’ve never had a problem getting oil from Russia, so there you go, go get him.”

    Jen Psaki praised Biden’s brilliance in finding a solution that would prevent an energy crisis while also preventing new drilling on American land.
    She pointed out succinctly to journalists,
    “You see, it’s not American land anymore; it’s Russian land.”

    “Politicians on both sides of the political aisle criticized Biden for selling Alaska without giving them enough time to sneak friends and family onto the boards of newly-relevant Russian oil companies.”

    “They also voiced concern that the negotiator handling both the Alaska sale as well as managing drilling permits was Hunter Biden and not their own children.”

  6. So True… so thankful that Biden admin was able to save us 16 cents on the last 4th of July BBQ –
    That 16 cents meant 4 more ounces of gas for my car today.

    Imagine if this administration had an idea like ‘Operation Warp Speed’ for Energy Costs, not the current operation ‘Blame & Begger-man’.

    — “Biden Says Gas Prices Are Not His Fault – Unless They Go Back Down Again” (Mar2022 BB) —-

    Joe Biden held a press conference to address criticisms head-on claiming he is responsible for America’s higher gas prices.
    The President strongly refuted such claims, stating that he’s Not Responsible – unless of course, the prices Go Way Down.

    “It’s simply not true. It just isn’t folks,” said Joe Biden defensively.
    “I have no control over gas prices whatsoever –
    unless, of course, they go way back down again.
    In that case, then it’s all me.”

    “But for the time being, I can’t do much right now.
    Russia is responsible,” the President added.

    “Should the prices go down again,
    when Trump gets reelected for example,
    then that is my fault. All my fault.
    Guilty as charged for all gas prices.”

    Biden then seemed to forget what he was talking about and stared blankly into the camera for 5 straight minutes.

    Conservative critics have pointed out that there are several actions the President could take right now –
    Such as allowing more offshore drilling,
    removing restrictions, and
    promoting pipeline projects.

    But Jen Psaki has already debunked them explaining that even if they did all that,
    greedy gas companies would just keep setting the prices high.

    At publishing time, the Biden administration Proudly Took Credit for
    a 2 cent price decrease only for
    gas price to double to a new all-time high the next day.

  7. A leader says: “The Buck Stops Here” (ie. The ultimate responsibility is mine.)

    Of course, “Pass the Buck” Biden Blames Russia for all rising energy costs, gas prices, and now more record breaking Sustained Inflation – 7.9% overall.

    This was a headline last March 2021.

    — “Service Stations Begin Widening Signs In Preparation For Higher Gas Prices” (Mar2021 BB) —

    “Service stations across the country have begun Widening Their Signs in preparation for Higher Gas Prices, sources confirmed.

    The wider signs allow for Prices up to 8 Digits Long,
    “an absolute necessity”
    for the Biden presidency,
    according to local fuel station franchise owners.

    “We’re gonna need a bigger sign,”
    gas station owner Amir Wallenfeld said in an interview with a local news station in Los Angeles.
    “This should get us through the first few years of the Biden presidency,
    though we’re looking for a bigger one should he be reelected in 2024,
    should he live that long.”

    “There, that oughtta do it,”
    he said as he updated the price of regular gasoline to $82.89.

    “Oh, wait, no — sorry, just got an alert on my phone.”
    He then climbed up and added a “1” to the front of the price.
    “It’s a good thing we thought ahead!”

    Sources have also confirmed that the National DEBT Clock will be Widened
    to Prepare for Biden’s coming Spending Policies.”

  8. The Privileged Progressives telling you what to do, as they suckle at the govt teat:

    The bureaucracy with government paid vehicles and many have fuel costs included – it is also a great gig when you are on Per Diem in a high cost area.

    — “Pete Buttigieg Says Everyone Worried About Gas Prices Should
    Just Get 6-Figure Government Job With Free Car Service And Unlimited Parental Leave” (Mar2022 BB) —-

    In a speech to inspire and encourage Americans facing record-high prices at the pump,
    Transportation Secretary Puttigieg encouraged people to ease some of that pain by simply getting a six-figure government job with free car service and unlimited parental leave.

    “Look—for every American, the way out of this is simple,” said Buttigieg.
    “All you have to do is run for president, drop out of the race,
    and then get appointed as Transportation Secretary!
    I never have to pay for my own gas!
    It worked for me, and I know it can work for you!
    Also, it helps if you’re gay. Try to be gay as well.
    That usually works.”

    His comments were met with criticism by those who found them insensitive
    to people who aren’t gay and don’t have a high-paying government job
    and a free chauffeur.

    Kamala Harris later clarified Buttigieg’s comments,
    “Gas prices very high.
    But all the people have low money.
    That make buy gas hard.
    So, basically, that’s bad.”

    The Transportation Secretary assured Americans that he understands
    the pain that comes with high gas prices,
    and has promised to do something about it as soon as he’s
    finished tearing down all the racist bridges. “

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