Cat Killer Pleads Guilty to 21 Felony Counts of Animal Cruelty

A San Jose man copped to torturing and killing more than 20 cats he stole from Cambrian Park residents last year.

Robert Farmer, 25, pleaded guilty Tuesday to 21 felony counts of animal cruelty. He originally denied the charges, which threatened to land him more than 16 years in prison. The terms of his plea deal weren’t immediately disclosed.

According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, Farmer abducted cats over a two-month period last fall. He was ultimately caught on surveillance cameras luring a cat from someone’s porch, authorities say.

When police arrested Farmer on Oct. 8 of last year, he was sleeping in his car by a bunch of cat collars, a tub of petroleum jelly and a dead orange tabby with dilated genitals. A necropsy later indicated that he wounded and possibly sexually assaulted some of the animals.

Investigators believe Farmer killed 16 cats, but found only four bodies.

“As this sad case comes to a close, our thoughts are with the families who lost their beloved pets,” prosecutor Alexandra Ellis said in a prepared statement. “We intend to hold Mr. Farmer accountable for his perverse and violent acts.”

A sentencing hearing has yet to be scheduled and may not take place until early next year. A court date has been set for Dec. 8.


  1. I recall studies indicating animal cruelty like this is a strong predictor of future serial killers.

    This guy needs to be locked up until he’s too feeble to go outside.

  2. I wonder if thes guy was rejected from hanging around the mens room in Columbus park?
    On second thought should that place be renamed native American park to be politically correct?

  3. He sexually assaulted cats? That gives rise to a new answer to “Why did the chicken cross the road?”. To get away from Robert Farmer.

    • Isn’t he the son of a cop or former cop? Funny how they don’t mention that…must be that good police officer upbringing he received that has him romantically chasing the cat…brings new meaning to “cat got your tongue “

      • Actually they smeared the PD with that back when they caught the bugger, I think his father disowned him then.
        He could have been Anthony Weiner’s kid just as well.

  4. This guy is a disgusting, pus filled, walking bacterial infection. I hope he gets a cell mate named Big Bad Bubba.

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