Anti-Masker’s Meltdown at Campbell Marshalls Goes Viral

An unmasked shopper at a Campbell Marshalls threw a fit of such epic proportions that it landed him above-the-fold placement today on TMZ.

Cellphone footage of the tantrum shows a man clad in a pale pink button-down shirt, a backwards tie and khaki slacks protesting a clerk’s insistence that he mask up or leave.

“You dumb f***king f****t,” the bare-faced customer replies. “What’s your problem?”

The man then threatens the employees with financial retribution, falsely claiming they’d be liable for a $75,000 fine for denying service to someone with a disability. He punctuates the baseless warnings by insulting their intelligence—“You don’t know the law? That’s how stupid you are”—and resorting to racial slurs.

But wait ... it gets worse.

The ornery bargain hunter caps off the tirade with an obscene flourish.

When asked for his name, maskless avenger—staring directly at a cellphone camera held up to memorialize the moment—unzips his fly as though about to expose himself.

The Twitterverse quickly branded the man a “Kevin,” the male version of a “Karen.”

Meanwhile, websleuths went about confirming his name, which has been reported by CBS Channel 5 and MSN as 52-year-old Tim Gaskin, a former San Francisco-based artist, publisher and talk show host. Calls to his publicly listed phone number went straight to voicemail, so San Jose Inside has been unable to ask him about the videos.

Gaskin’s homophobic rhetoric took some of his past acquaintances who reached out to San Jose Inside by surprise, considering his past prominence in SF’s queer community.

In the early 2000s, Gaskin reportedly co-hosted a cable access show titled “Inside City Limits” before going on, a few years later, to host an LGBTQ-focused weekly talk show on the same Comcast channel called OUT Spoken.

He also produced a TV and radio show about San Francisco real estate called “Open House,” which Gaskin described to SFGate as “‘Antiques Roadshow’ meets ‘60 Minutes.’”

Meanwhile, Gaskin published a couple magazines that covered the city he then called home. First came Gloss, which he described in 2001 as an alternative lifestyle publication for San Fransciscans. Benefit, which focused on philanthropy, first went to print in 2006 and, according to archived newspaper interviews, was inspired by Gaskin’s longtime fundraising and charitable work for AIDS-related causes.

All the while, Gaskin dabbled in fine art, earning him more media attention in 2004 when he painted an installment for the Hearts in San Francisco project, a fundraiser for the SF General Hospital. Gaskin’s heart sculpture depicted then SF DA Kamala Harris as Billie Holiday and Gavin Newsom’s then-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle as Frida Kahlo.

Two years later, Newsom, as SF mayor, appointed Gaskin to a new city arts task force.

At some point in the late ’aughts, Gaskin changed course.

Once his last magazine folded, according to an online bio, he returned to a line of work he said he held before ever earning his keep as publisher and artist: importing meats.

In a cached version of an article that once appeared on his personal website, Gaskin said his varied background stems from a drive to lift himself up from difficult circumstances. Raised by an abusive dad and a mom who brought him in and out of shelters, he said the court granted his petition for emancipation when he was just 14. 

“Because I lived on the streets in my youth, there is nothing I haven’t seen or been a part of,” he said. “It’s hard today to imagine that my life was ever that way.”

Video of the Marshalls meltdown plays out over the following two videos, which were tweeted the other day by a San Jose DJ known as Eddie House, who says he’s a friend of one of the workers who had to deal with Gaskin.

Jennifer Wadsworth is the former news editor for San Jose Inside and Metro Silicon Valley. Follow her on Twitter at @jennwadsworth.


  1. Are we EVER going to be “allowed” to stop wearing these ridiculous masks?!? The “curve is flat”! There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program or solution. I don’t blame the guy or begrudge him his frustration. This mask wearing was never a law passed by the legislature. It is a dictatorial edict. It’s not a mask, it’s a “Muzzle of Submission to Government”. Shut up and obey or you will get no groceries, no medication, no clothing. Wear a Muzzle or you’ll get nothing and like it!

  2. Maybe you are right, but I can’t see how harrasing low-wage workers is going to do anything other than show what a petty and small person he is. He could’ve tried this with a ramdom person on the street, but instead he chose to harras workers that are afraid of losing their jobs. He was feeling like a big man, even started exposing himself, thinking he was the cause of the intimidation. Anyone who does this should know that there’s a difference between people respecting you and people respecting the fact that they have to pay for rent and for food… no matter how many clowns they must suffer. It’s like they tell themselves, “No one listens to my tinfoil hat rants. Let me find someone that has no choice, but to listen to me.” It’s just cowardly and indefensible.

  3. Surprised this has hasn’t happened more often. We are at Day 144 of 15 to flatten the curve, with no end in sight. Hospitals never filled up. Most infectees are asymptomatic.

  4. Mr. Anagnos, I see your point. I actually wasn’t defending him, I just know how he feels and share the frustration.

    I have also been one of those “little people”, as it were, and have had to deal with jackasses like this guy and I can tell you from experience that this clerk missed a really good opportunity to have some fun with this Dufus. People like that always feel superior to the “little people” and that makes the ‘Dufus” really vulnerable to passive-aggressive sarcasm. It’s Kryptonite to them. The clerk should have just stood there staring like a mouth breathing robot, saying nothing, staring without blinking like a deer in the headlights type blank stare. The Dufus would have continued talking, irritation escalating, gotten nowhere, and his frustration would have increased and he would eventually either have wandered off or, if one is really lucky, the goal is to cause the Dufus to become so frustrated that he launches into a full-on tantrum. At that point, that’s when the clerk removes his mask and smiles, still without saying anything. Believe me, it’s a hoot. It’s even better if you can get a semi-circle of other “little people” to stand around just staring blankly at the Dufus and saying nothing. When the Dufus finally loses it, then everyone smiles in unison, still saying nothing, with an expression on their faces that clearly conveys to the Dufus, “Now who’s the idiot”. Once one masters this game, it makes dealing with jerks actually fun.

  5. Amazing the idiocy in the comments…like wearing a mask is such a burden to help people. I never knew how evil and selfish Americans are until I read the comments on a story like this.

  6. That’s not a “button-down shirt”. If it were, it would have buttonholes on the collar that can be buttoned down.

  7. Mr Robillard, et al

    I think people are missing what Ms Wadsworth has done here. And the comments indicate, so far, her success. By associating whoever is in this video with the idea of questioning authority she is straw-maning the idea of questioning what has been going on for the past 6 months. A kind of reverse of argument from authority.

    The entire idea of masks, do they work, if they do should not use them anyway to allow for herd immunity, does wearing a mask change the way we interact with each other, should we conform for the sake of safety and give up freedom, are all good and important things to discuss. Additionally, there is a valid argument that he may have a condition that can be aggravated by wearing a mask and he is under no requirement to divulge his private medical information to anyone. These topics are important to discuss, because well many of the assumptions that we caste into mandates are fluid and while many people have said this was botched, I am not entirely clear on how it was botched, how we could have done better, and how do they know.

    The power of this video, which I will not watch but will interpret from your reactions, is this guy made a fool of himself arguing some of these points. The purpose of slapping it up and publicly humiliating this guy is to anchor a subconscious association anyone who makes these arguments is essentially this same doofus. This anchoring is a more powerful technique than most are willing to accept

    If anyone thinks they understand this virus, pandemic, human nature under extended lock down to the certainty they are moralizing, they are deluding themselves. We need to ask question, test these boundaries, and be open to learn something here because the fact is are we dont know s**t as much as we pretend to.

  8. Mr. Kava,

    So anyone who objects to wearing a mask is selfish and evil? Do you hear yourself? If you want to wear a mask, wear one, but don’t tell others how to live. It’s time to stop cringing in fear. Enough is enough. Life is not safe. Danger is implicit in mortality. If someone is worried about getting ill with some virus which often causes no symptoms and has a mortality rate less than the influenza we all live with constantly, then let that person stay in their house, curled up in a corner, in the fetal position, sucking their thumb, and leave the rest of us alone. Anyone who trades safety for liberty ends up with neither.

    So, stand back; Anyone who refuses to wear a mask is a selfish, evil, potential serial killer? OK, count me in. I’m old, I have co-morbidity factors but I’m not going to live the rest of my life wearing a muzzle. If you want to do that, then YOU stay home and hide under the bed. I’m going to go get a cup of coffee at a cafe, a burger at a restaurant, sitting at the counter inside, then get a haircut and I’m not going to have a muffled conversation through a bag of cloth over my face with someone standing 10 feet away. If you want to do that, knock yourself out.

  9. People are doomed to repeat history because our lives are too short to ever learn from our mistakes.. The Spanish Flu killed nearly 3% of the entire world’s population, and there were a few anti-mask idiots then whose mouthbreathing directly caused deaths. Had any of you Halitosis Karens survived the Spanish Flu pandemic, you would shut your stanky mouths and wear a piece of cloth to make sure you don’t get yourself sick, or anyone else sick.

    Seems like how that our WWII vets are dying out, we’ve got an alarming rise in anti-semitism and literal [email protected]. I’m glad my grandpa isn’t alive to see what became of the country he spent his life fighting to protect. If he didn’t die five years ago, he’d have died this year from a painful covid death because one of you miserable bad breath Karens would’ve indirectly spread it to him with your literally pathological deadly selfishness.

  10. The encounter ends with him exposing himself in public. I don’t care how frustrated a grown man is with being asked to wear a mask, he was inappropriate, entitled, and childish. There’s no defending that.


    You are misinformed about the virus. It affects high risk people, which I am. If I get it, it’s a good possibility I would be in the hospital with serious side effects. I don’t understand why a mask is such a problem? It has nothing to do with your rights. It has to do with protecting others from you. Asymptomatic for one but deadly for another. I wear a mask so I don’t infect you! That same courtesy would be nice. Pride cometh before a fall. I hope that you and your family don’t have any serious repercussions from not wearing a mask.

  12. Let’s not forget the classic “dumb Mexican” line that Mr. Gaskin used when addressing the clerk. Very offensive.

  13. You can’t make this stuff up! This guy is a perfect representation of the fake liberals that make up my home state. Fake deep ppl that have more in common with the bigots they detest! Lmfao….this state is something else.

  14. Omg! We had an incident with him at our facility a few months back. He caused a grand fiasko, similar to this incident, that got the cops involved. We barred him from doing business in our community.

    How has this guy not been arrested for the verbal abuse that he says. But other people get arrested, beaten, and killed by cops, for less.

  15. > Maybe you are right, but I can’t see how harrasing low-wage workers is going to do anything other than show what a petty and small person he is.

    When an insolent government won’t listen, you have to go to the people who vote for the insolent government.

  16. > I would of loved to administer a gentile, but convincing punch to his throat.

    I’m sure he would like to reciprocate.

    Where does that leave us?

    Isn’t it the government’s job in a DEMOCRACY — one hundred percent owned and operated by the California Democratic Party oligarchy — isn’t it the government’s job to LISTEN?

    The government is not listening.

  17. > Someone please kick this KEN in between the legs if you see him. Keep exposing these [email protected] IDIOTS AMONG US!

    Dear Woke White Female Suburban Feminist Democrat Karen:

    Didn’t you learn from your woke progressive public schools to use your words and not your fists?

    What happened to you? Is “coexistence” not working for you?

  18. Hey Bubble, they taught me that at school…use word…but I always failed that subject. I still fail on that, I have just accepted myself!

  19. To the commenter stating that hospitals never filled up, one of my best friends is a nurse in the ICU in Sacramento and he says they are full and have to turn away cases.

    So it’s not that hospitals are full, it’s the supply vs demand for ICU units that is crucial.

    Also, the agitator’s name shows up in a class action lawsuit againse an drug manufacturer. No way to know if it’s the same gentleman but it appears that he may indeed have a health condition.

    If that’s the case, he certainly could have handled the situation better. No need to berate employees just trying to do their job. But keep your cool, show proof of medical condition and go about your day.

    No reason to wind up on national tv while having a mental breakdown over a mask.

  20. If you quietly tell the employee you have a medical exemption, in most cases they will quietly let you in. In a few cases, the low level employees are not aware of the law that states you do NOT have to wear a mask if you have a medical exemption. In that case, quietly and calmly ask to speak to a manager. They have all been trained and know about medical exemptions. NO ONE has to wear a mask who has a medical exemptions. See the Santa Clara County exemptions regarding masks.

  21. No reason to wind up on national tv while having a mental breakdown over a mask.

    Actually, this could lead to some good if someone actually asked some questions about it and didn’t report white supremacist Trump Supporting NPC denies science by refusing to wear mask and kills 2 babies and a grandma.

    But alas, that is how they would report it.

  22. Medical exemption to put low level retail employees at risk? How selfish are you? There is nothing essential that cannot be ordered online. Especially at a f@#$*ing Marshall’s.
    If everyone just followed social distancing and wore a mask while in close proximity to others, this would be over in two months. There are plenty of other countries returning to normal. We just have our heads too far up our own @$$es.

  23. David,
    Respectfully sir, dream on. This was supposed to be 15 days to flatten the curve and prevent overwhelming the health care system. That was over months ago. This “pandemic” will be over after the day after the election. It will never be eradicated. We need to stop reporting cases like it was a basketball score.

  24. His argument seems to be that because he has a misshapen left ear, he should not be required to wear a mask. That is his disability which the store must accommodate because of the ADA and related laws and policies. His argument is bogus. There are effective masks that do not loop over the ears. These masks would accommodate his disability nicely. The burden is on him, not the retailer. The retailer has every right to enforce the state mandated mask policy. Individual rights are protected so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. You are not allowed to murder someone as your individual right. You are not allowed to run a stop sign as your individual right. And you are not allowed to go into a public business without a mask and risk infecting others as your individual right.

  25. Anti markers never seem to have a problem with nudity laws.
    If masks are like muzzles, bras, shirts, underpants and trousers are like straight jackets.

    Free Willy!

  26. MASKS

    I lived in Taiwan for 3 years. They like masks there, when you are sick, when the air is bad, they wear them, alot.. Taiwan was on lock down for 1 week. I have faith in the Taiwanese way of handling things, so I have faith (not facts) that masks work. I have less faith that anything we have been told on COVID subject since Jan 2020 is true, so let’s look back to the SARS and pre-2020 discussion on masks:

    “Viruses, including the coronavirus that scientists believe may be the cause of SARS, are so tiny that they can easily pass through such barriers. Several studies even have shown that surgical masks fail to prevent transmission of the much larger mycobacterium tuberculosis, which causes TB.” (I think they mean bacteria are bigger than virus)

    “The study, published in JAMA, found that surgical masks were as effective as N95 respirators at preventing the flu, which is to say, not all that effective because, of the 446 nurses who took part in this study, nearly one in four (24%) in the surgical mask group still got the flu as did 23% of those who wore the N95 respirator. And, because both groups wore masks, it’s impossible to say how they would have fared compared with not wearing a mask at all.”

    It does not look like these masks offer much protection, unless I am reading them wrong. Most of the article states that masks are so surgeons don’t drop droplets (?) during surgery, other than that they are courtesy masks.

  27. Asymptomatic

    “A top World Health Organization official clarified on Tuesday that scientists have not yet determined how frequently people with asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 pass the disease on to others, a day after suggesting that such spread is “very rare.”

    The clarification comes after the WHO’s original comments incited strong pushback from outside public health experts, who suggested the agency had erred, or at least miscommunicated, when it said people who didn’t show symptoms were unlikely to spread the virus.

    Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead on the Covid-19 pandemic, made it very clear Tuesday that the actual rates of asymptomatic transmission aren’t yet known.”

    I think this statement was not on the “approved list” when she made it, which drove the immediate clarification, which given the political environment makes me believe it is true. A more recent FAQ I found from August is dubious as well.

    “Based on the evidence from China, asymptomatic transmission may occur.”

  28. So Sweden has pretty much kicked COVIDs butt, masks are dubious, and WHO has changed their position on asymptomatic spread from “very rare” to “aren’t known yet.”

    Now, I am open to the possibility of being wrong, but these comments not only show me that the Bay Area is not a liberal place, but an authoritarian. Has anyone considered the possibility that you are not as right as you think you are and maybe need to ask more questions?

    While you may have a job you can work at home and your kids may have graduated, or you don’t have kids. But there are a lot of people whose business is on the ropes, their kids taking steps back academically and real hits in social development, and you are running your mouths like the restrictions you are imposing on people are iron clad facts and these leaders are infallible.

    That is not true, you are not asking questions, you are not thinking, you are obeying. You are volunteers in a Stanford Psychology Experiment and it is sad that in a free country there is so little free inquiry. Sad.

  29. SJ Kulak: What if immunity after contraction only lasts a few months? That would mean that masks would have to be worn forever to sustain a flattened curve. And that is assuming that masks are effective and that contagiousness is as rampant as communicated and that effects of contraction are as bad as communicated. If masks are not going to be worn forever, then wearing masks now does nothing but forestall the the inevitable–at least until a vaccine is present in most of the population (which is what, about 2 years?)….. Poverty kills too. People are dying because of the GDP reduction of over 30% for the 2nd quarter of 2020. How does that factor into the “selfishness” argument? Ethical people want to know…. (not this post is not really directed at you)

  30. Well the SARS in essence disappeared, these viruses do not always mutate towards higher lethality, they frequently mutate towards lower. If a masked person still gets the fly 24% of the time versus what I dont know, and asymptotic spread is rare to unlikely, my take is we have to live life.

    I am not totally of the opinion that this is some sort of political dictatorship, even if the masses have adopted that position, people are dying, they have lost their job, kids are failing behind, there is little real knowledge of what to do, what happened etc, they must look like they are doing something, even if it doesnt work. I think common sense must win out here.

    If you are old, sick, over weight, you may need to social distance. If you are healthy you need to risk it for the sake of herd immunity.

  31. The paper and cloth masks are to keep your germs to yourself. And avoid the ones with valves that simply spew your concentrated germ out through the valve.

  32. So some guy was caught on video saying some politically incorrect things.. Big deal.
    This incident may not have been Newsworthy but evidently it was Wadsworthy.

  33. Bubble, what’s your take on public schools, I am concerned about my kids.

    they went to K-4 in public, then 5-7 in private, which was far woke-r than public, one son got a half grade lower in two subjects because he lacked empathy. After that argument we put them into a half STEM charter-magnate/half normie art/English in a red state. My son told me yesterday the contrast between the STEM charter and the normal was shocking in how dumbed down they engaged the normal students. But I feel burned on the private option…

    any insight?

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