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Recall Campaign Heats Up

The Recall Madison folks, in a remarkable display of nerve, today asked Councilwoman Madison Nguyen to sign onto their petition asking the City Council to appoint someone to her seat if she is recalled on March 3. That’s right, the group of 50 or so mostly Vietnamese-American protesters, along with former County Supervisor Pete McHugh, were back at their familiar post outside City Hall at noon.


Weeks Before Recall,  Activists Lobby for Appointment

Some local Vietnamese folks are already lobbying San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed to bypass a special election, and appoint someone to fill Councilmember Madison Nguyen‘s seat, should she be recalled on March 3. Barry Hung Do, an anti-Nguyen community activist, says he met with Reed back in December hoping to talk him into appointing someone to the embattled councilmember’s seat rather than spending money on a special election. 


Lean Dean to Merc employees: ‘Take Some Time Off’

The still-slumping economy appears to be giving Dean Singleton a free pass to continue slicing away at his newspapers. As if employees in his already decimeted newsrooms aren’t scraping by as is, Singleton’s MediaNews is now requiring all of its non-union workers to take a one-week furlough starting this month.

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San Jose: Fit or Fat?

Poor San Jose doesn’t know if should do a few extra crunches or just give up and have another Twinkie. A recent Men’s Fitness article listed San Jose as one of America’s fattest cities ... 15th fattest city in the nation. But then Women’s Health ranked San Jose number one for health and number two for fitness. And wait. Just last month, Men’s Health ranked us sixth best city in the United States—first for health and fourth for fitness.

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Rearranging the Office Furniture

San Jose city officials, facing a $65 million shortfall, are penny-pinching everywhere they can. Or are they? Yesterday, the council signed off on cutting 52 positions. Another 18 employees could lose their jobs in March. Meanwhile, Councilwoman Nancy Pyle shelled out more than $6,000 to buy new furniture for her city hall office.


Living History

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” a father tells his son while standing outside the cyclone fences being erected for the inaugural. He was, of course, talking about tickets. And if you know a congressperson, you had a chance of getting the Ticket of the Century.

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As Fly operatives head to DC to keep an eye on Silicon Valley’s vain and connected, they are noticing that the Obama presidency is already having a positive effect on the economy.

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Ta-tas in Garlicville

News that Saratoga developer Ante Bilic is moving forward with plans to convert a Gilroy restaurant into a topless bar has set South County tongues wagging. Some locals are worrying aloud that the proposed Showgirls nightclub would be a crime magnet. Others seem to find some humor in the situation.

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Safety Meeting

Silicon Valley citizens will now be able to crawl out of wrecked train cars in a calm, organized fashion with the recent installment of large safety signs inside all of VTA’s Light Rail cars and buses. Posted in the last few weeks, the new signs give detailed instructions on what passengers should do in case of an emergency, including how to press a button to talk to the vehicle operator, and how to exit a train in a tunnel (Fly’s head’s hurting already).

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