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The Fly is a weekly column written by San Jose Inside staff that provides a behind-the-scenes look at local politics.

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Not So Fast

Put down that McNugget and step away from the honey mustard sauce—the ban is back! Though her proposal to ixnay fast food restaurants temporarily in San Jose failed at the committee level recently, Councilwoman Nora Campos has directed her staff to charge ahead on the issue while she’s on maternity leave. Those staffers say they plan to reintroduce the proposal before the entire council within the next few weeks.

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Taking It Back

Nobody really knows how well the campaign is going for the committee attempting to recall San Jose Councilwoman Madison Nguyen. The group has been secretive about how many signatures they’ve collected so far. But what did surface this week is the number of people who have asked for the city to remove their names from the recall petition they signed.

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Pay the Man

If the San Jose City Council think their pay sucks, they have only themselves to blame. They’ve been too afraid to give themselves a raise over the years—and who can blame them? It’s kind of awkward—not to mention usually unpopular—for public employees to give themselves a salary boost. That’s why the council wants to revamp the way things are done when it comes to council compensation

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Cortese vs. VTA

San Jose Vice Mayor Dave Cortese recently fired off a guest column in the Evergreen Times, hammering the Valley Transportation Authority (he sits on the board) for suspending progress on the Eastridge light rail extension in his district. Cortese says the $334 million project was promised to voters when they approved Measure A, the sales tax measure for a variety of transportation projects, in 2000.

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Goodbye to the Red Racks?

Abetted by the Adobe Systems-funded group 1stACT Silicon Valley, San Jose’s Office of Economic Development and Redevelopment attempted last month to introduce an ordinance to regulate newsracks in the downtown area—without talking to a number of local newspaper publishers. Although the advocates of uniform news boxes spent time with the publishers of daily papers, they failed to contact free newspaper publishers.

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Party En Español

This past Friday night, and again on Saturday, searchlights announced the reopening of the Cuccini nightclub under its new name, Sabor, thanks to a stay of execution issued by Judge James Emerson on July 18. The Superior Court judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order that prevents the City of San Jose from pulling the club’s entertainment permit.

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Red Alert

There’s no missing the big red tree that recently sprouted from the grassy corner of St. James Park at St. John and North First streets. A full 15 feet high or so, its straight trunk is crowned with an intricate forking pattern of bare branches ending in carefully pruned nubby ends. And of course, the tree is red. Real red. Bright shiny red.

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

When it comes to the gay marriage ban that is likely to be on state ballot in November, Mayor Chuck Reed is trapped in the closet. And that’s exactly where local gay-rights advocates want him.


A Banner Week

The Little Saigon debacle seemed mostly resolved when Mayor Chuck Reed signed a peace deal with protesters in the Vietnamese community that promised that banners displaying the “Little Saigon” name could be flown to officially recognize the Vietnamese retail area. But what wasn’t spelled out was how many banners could go up.

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Politics is Torture

The thought of Internet filter champion Pete Constant with a ball-gag in his mouth being whipped by a dominatrix might be a fantasy for free speech advocates. Fantasy turned to reality Monday night as actress Krista Kelly strapped on bondage gear and flagellated the conservative councilman in front of San Jose’s political elite at San Jose Stage’s Monday Night Live production. Kelly, a District 6 resident, seemed to enjoy whipping Pete a little too much. “Even Sally Leiber can’t save you now,” she screamed.

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