Plastics Industry Attempts to ‘Manipulate the System’ with Competing Bag Ban Propositions

One of two propositions on the November ballot could make plastic bags a thing of the past. The other appears to have less noble intentions.

Death Penalty Duel: Voters to Decide between Props. 62, 66

Come Election Day, two death penalty initiatives are up on the ballot. Both aim to fix California’s execution system, but with opposite solutions.

City Hall Rally on Local Police Killings Leads to Policy Debate

At a City Hall Thursday, protesters called on San Jose’s elected officials to take a stand against local law enforcement killing people of color.

Advances in Robotic Surgeries Lead to Higher Demand Despite Marketing, Regulation Concerns

A human touch in the operating room will eventually become as rare as a hand-delivered message. But the increased use of surgical robots presents a complicated future we don’t yet fully understand.

Social Justice Forum Tackles Housing, Homeless Rights

The third U.S. Social Forum will be held today through Sunday in the Washington United Youth Center in San Jose.