Schurra’s Announces Closing of Century-Old Chocolate Shop

San Jose will lose a bit of its soul when a 106-year-old business closes shop on The Alameda and moves operations to Santa Clara.

Sarah Winchester’s Legacy of Shopping Centers and Cinemas

The ghosts could just as easily be hiding out at Louis Vuitton at Valley Fair or Gucci at Santana Row.

Honest and Calm Brendan Byrne Left Rare Legacy as Governor

Brendan Byrne, who died earlier this month at age 93, was one of New Jersey’s last honest governors.

New Emails Show Water District Limited Flow of Information to City Days before San Jose Flood

Newly released emails show the SCV Water District and city were communicating well ahead of the flood. Then the communication ended.

San Jose Is Lucky No One Died in Inexcusable Response to Floods

It wasn’t Katrina, but officials failed in every way when it came to notifying San Jose residents of flooding—and it could have been a lot worse.