New Research Finds Ethnic Studies Improve Overall Learning

New research out of Stanford shows clear academic benefits to ethnic studies, especially for younger students who are on the cusp of dropping out of school.

Startups Race to Corner Market on Medical Marijuana

Sean Parker plunked down $250,000 and recruited other techies to fund a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in California.

Regional Minimum Wage Plan Gains Support, Could Include Controversial Exemptions

A regional minimum wage plan has generated broad support, but also anxiety that a segment of low-income workers will be left behind.

Mass Incarceration of CA Teens Inspires Legislative Reform

More than 6,500 of California’s 130,000 inmates committed crimes under the age of 18. Efforts are now underway to change the mass incarceration policies of teens created in preceding decades.

Illegal Animal Trafficking Tough to Stop Despite San Jose Bust

A rare conviction of an East San Jose woman who admitted to illegal animal trafficking highlights the challenges in stopping the illicit wildlife trade.

Phillips 66 Oil Train Opponents Say San Jose Route Risks Lives

Residents, elected officials and environmental activists are painting a doomsday scenario of what an accident involving the proposed Phillips 66 oil trains would look like in downtown San Jose.

Former SJPD Police Chief Leads on Reforming State Drug Laws

A new ballot initiative seeks to address the unduly harsh punishments tens of thousands of Californians face for nonviolent offenses. The proposal, sponsored by former San Jose Police Chief Bill Lansdowne, would reduce penalties for certain low-level drug and petty theft crimes.

Death Penalty Debate: End Executions or Expedite Process?

A proposed ballot initiative—endorsed by former governors George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson and Gray Davis—would resume and expedite executions for the 700-plus people living on California’s death row. But would voters be on board?