South Bay Officials Condemn White House Plan to Deport Vietnamese Immigrants

President Trump’s push to remove potentially thousands of Vietnamese nationals from the U.S. has shaken many local families.

San Jose Denounces ‘Public Charge’ Rule for Immigrants

City officials plan to formally oppose a federal policy that could hurt thousands of San Jose’s foreign-born residents.

San Jose Weighs Resolution Condemning President Trump’s Family Separation Policy

San Jose will consider a resolution Tuesday denouncing the Trump administration’s separation of families at the U.S. border.

San Jose May Extend Tax Deadline for Small Landlords

In the first City Council meeting of 2018, officials will consider extending the grace period for landlords to comply with a new business tax.

Politically Motivated ICE Hotline Turns Neighbors, Friends and Even Spouses into Informants

Internal call logs show that ICE’s VOICE hotline has become a way for families, friends and neighbors to snitch on suspected undocumented immigrants.

Santa Clara County Reconsiders ‘Sanctuary City’ Policy

Under pressure from the feds and mounting political outrage over “Sanctuary Cities,” the county may revise its civil detainer policy.