City of Santa Clara Prepares to Buy Out Banquet Hall Lease Through Eminent Domain

David Ebrahimi, the 72-year-old proprietor of David’s Banquet Hall in Santa Clara, must never have heard the old saw about fighting city hall.

Moneybrawl: How the Mayor of Santa Clara, San Francisco 49ers Went to War over Levi’s Stadium

The 49ers and Santa Clara are locked in an epic grudge match over how money moves at Levi’s Stadium, and neither appears willing to blink.

San Jose Looks at Ways to Bolster Disaster Preparedness

San Jose—home to the highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States—is woefully underprepared for emergencies.

Santa Clara Appoints Kathy Watanabe to Council; City Manager Set to Resign

In a unanimous vote, Santa Clara’s City Council appointed Kathy Watanabe to the seat vacated when Lisa Gillmor was named mayor.

Op-Ed: ‘Big City’ Santa Clara Needs Full-time Leadership

Santa Clara needs to come to terms with its new identity as a big city and update the way it does business.