Mayor Calls San Jose Police Recruiting Trip to Hawaii ‘Not a Good Use’ of Taxpayer Dollars

SJPD’s staffing shortfall has made recruiting even more important. But a recent trip to Hawaii raises questions about how the budget is being spent.

Sunnyvale Welcomes Mobile Showers for the Homeless

Local nonprofit Dignity on Wheels will launch Santa Clara County’s first mobile shower and laundry service for the homeless next week.

San Jose Might Declare ‘Shelter Crisis’ to Protect Homeless

San Jose may open up community centers, libraries and other public buildings as cold weather shelters for thousands of homeless residents.

Local Lawmakers Forced to Take on ‘Predatory Lenders’

Against the backdrop of an impotent state legislature and a growing awareness of the predatory nature of payday lenders, local governments have had to pick up the slack and adopt laws to stifle the industry.

Stop Living in the Past; Charter Schools Are Here to Stay

Remember when broadcast television was the only game in town? Rooftop antennas and three major networks. If you prefer that over the entertainment options today, you’re living in the past—similar to those who continue to resist innovation in our public schools.

Critics Confront Pat Meyering About Council Compensation

Pat Meyering, the Sunnyvale city councilman who’s target of a recall effort, has repeatedly accused his colleagues of enriching themselves on the public dime. In reality, Meyering takes home the second-highest compensation of anyone on the council.