CPUC to Investigate San Jose Water Co.’s Billing Practices

State regulators have launched an investigation to determine whether the San Jose Water Co. over-billed customers for 30 years.

San Jose Water Company’s Merger With Connecticut Utility Sparks Bicoastal Bidding War

A planned tie-up between San Jose Water Company and another private utility on the East Coast has morphed into a four-way merger battle.

San Jose City Council Considers Supporting State Sen. Beall’s Water Rate Transparency Bill

San Jose considers whether to support a state bill that would demand greater transparency from water companies about rate changes.

Consumers Up Against Lobbyists in Fight over San Jose Water Company’s Proposed Rate Hike

San Jose Water Co.’s latest pitch to raise rates comes before the CPUC Thursday, and irate customers are gearing up for a showdown.

San Jose Water Customers Voice Frustrations over Billing Spikes

San Jose Water Co. customers voice frustration over inexplicable water bill spikes, some of which went up by 500 percent in one billing cycle.

Hearing Set as San Jose Water Company Requests Rate Hike; Overbilling Questions Still Linger

San Jose’s largest privately held water utility is angling for yet another rate increase. This one is tied to the company’s shareholder profits.

San Jose Considers Bolstering Renter Protections, Which Will Sunset Dec. 31 without New Vote

The City Council on Tuesday will vote on whether to extend the interim rent control cap, which sunsets Dec. 31.